Why haven’t you heard of this car?

Hat tip: Brasscheck

Another ready-to-go replacement for the gasoline (i.e. toxic waste) fueled automobile.

Good luck finding one.

The existence of this oil industry busting Japanese car has never been reported in the US or Europe.

I only stumbled on it on an Asia-only Reuters news feed from 2008.

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  1. Charles Robert

    June 19, 2009 at 2:17 am

    Far from new, this technology (the splitting of H2O molecules) is so ancient that it’s origin is unknown. Neither is it difficult. I was using electrolysis as a boy, before I could pronounce the word, to fill ballons with hydrogen for the purposes of pyrotechnic thrills. My teenage boys used it to nearly double the mileage of an old Ford truck for the cost of some scrap stainless steel and a few PVC pipe fittings.

    There is only one reason that these “Joe’s cells” or “HHO generators” as they are now commonly called, are relatively unknown. It would be impossible to shift the energy monopoly from petroleum to water and electrons. …Period.

    I don’t know the technical details of this Japanese car, but I suspect that it is substantially inferior to that of Stan Meyers fuel injection electrolysis system of many years ago for which he was killed.


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