BP ‘Awarded’ MASSIVE Iraq Oil Contracts in Gordon Brown’s ‘New World Order’

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Is anyone still confused as to why we continue the absurd wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

In Afghanistan, the Director of the CIA has openly boasted that fewer than 100 Al Qaida members remain there, yet there are reportedly 102,000 U.S servicemen and at least 120,000 private contractors still stationed there. Incidentally, the recent “discovery” of vast mineral deposits is being touted as a new justification to stay.

Meanwhile in Iraq, with all justifications for the war now totally debunked, the slow drawdown of troops is commencing, but not before they secure the prize for the corporate masters. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that British Petroleum was “awarded” 80-100 oil wells worth at least $500 million:

British oil major BP PLC (BP, BP.LN) and partners China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC.YY) and Iraq’s state-run South Oil Co. expect to issue tenders to drill between 80 and 100 wells in the immense Rumaila oil field this year and next year, a company executive said Monday.

Earlier this year, BP awarded three deals valued at least $500 million to drill 49 wells as part of the program to develop Iraq’s largest-producing oil field, which could become the world’s second-largest.

‘For the next-year drilling contracts, we are expected to award them this year,’ the official said on the sidelines of an oil symposium concluded in Baghdad on Monday.
Yeah, yeah, we know: BP is one of the only companies with the capacity to handle projects of this magnitude — like Halliburton — and the world depends on that oil, blah, blah. Just like Tony Blair is the only guy qualified to “advise” on Iraqi oil contracts making him tens of millions. It’s the standard line given when the connected multinational corporations continuously pawn our soldiers to claim their profits.

Despite the multitude of the ever-changing absurd reasons given to bring us and keep us in the wars, the real reasons are now becoming crystal clear. Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in a telling statement, recently said that if Saddam Hussein remained in power it would be “difficult to gain credibility for acting” toward their “new world order.”

Since the globalists can’t fully control the oil market until rogue OPEC nations like Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela bow to the empire, we can expect to see unending military conflicts with these nations. Therefore, they must turn them into evil nations through propaganda in order to manufacture people’s consent for war.  Despite the constant lies and the globalist agenda now being fully exposed, their propaganda machine still seems to be effective, evident by a large majority of Americans now supporting preemptive nuclear strikes on Iran.  And after a failed CIA coup on Hugo Chavez in 2002, he still remains public enemy numero dos.

However, the most recent vote on the $30 billion Afghanistan war supplemental only passed the House 215-210 “under unusually convoluted floor rules” which indicates withering support.  President Obama has moved the military pieces around slightly, but the overall dual-war strategy continues costing the American taxpayer $12.2 billion every month with over $1 trillion spent to date.
It appears that the puppet Congress is trying to look as though they’re tightening the spending belt, but the wars will likely continue as long as the region has resources that their masters covet.


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