Warning:The Black Hundred, USA

By Mark Sashine
hat tip: opednews.com

This is no joke. The power of the media is enormous in the USA ad well as the Power of Perception. The black Sabbath of the Tea Party in Nashville, TN is now an official sign of the “movement’ and Sarah Palin, that unfortunate misfortune in the skirt will speak there. The game is afoot and country music will accompany the coven of the Witches, Y2010.

The tea-party of the USA is an artificial thing down to the core. The proof of its artificiality is its timing. Most of the factors they claim to fight against- big government, aggressive interference of the federal authorities into the life of the states, abuse of the government power, manipulation of the tax policy, total lying in Congress, etc. – all of those started under Reagan, blossomed under Bush Sr., had their way with us under Clinton, really flourished under W and are still here with us under Obama. But in vain we will try to find the tea-party patriots among the anti-war protesters whether in Clinton or Bush times or among those who refused to pay their taxes under W. Nope, they crawled from under their rock now, when in fact the big government is big only by name. Just imagine what Bush and his goons would have done if some stupid tea-party group would ‘march on Washington’ in say, 2002. BTW, they did not care that Bush stole the Y2000 elections at all. For some strange reason they are worried NOW if Obama is a legitimate President. Obama had not done even a tiny bit of the abuse that was done by Reagan- Bushie thread of parasites but Sarah Palin, that Reaganesque puppet will be the heroine of the day. Of the week? Of the month? Of the year?

When a fool tries to play wise all around laugh but when the wise tries to play a fool all around become suspicious. No, the tea-party is no joke. It is a Black Hundred.

In the Y1906 or something like that in Russia a ‘movement’ emerged. Those were primarily well-to-do people: merchants, middle-class, and landowners. They formed the ‘Union of the Russian People’ and ‘The Union of the Archangel Michael’. They proclaimed themselves as “real Russians, true servants of the Tsar and the religion.’ They announced that all the problems of Russia were associated with liberals in the government. Those liberals, they alleged, worked day and night on the devilish plan to undermine the very foundation of the Empire. They alleged that very mediocre changes to the democratic ways initiated by the Parliament were the recipes for a disaster. They claimed that socialism (!) was on the move and that they were the only healthy group who could see the threat and prevent it from happening. They requested that the Tsar should follow their advice. They organized mass demonstrations and conventions. On those conventions the totally deluded fanatics blamed the Jews for the new liberalism and pogroms were initiated. They denounced the ministers of the Tsar, the emerging constitutional democracy and also any mentioning of equal rights for women. They were the national patriots.

People of Russia called them the Black Hundred, resembling the old definition of the lowest- level small merchants. The people were smart. It was no joke. Eventually it was found out that many leaders of the Black Hundred were on the Secret Police payroll. They were brought in to distract the middle-class people from the real problems, also prevent them from allying with the democratic forces. It was like a spoon of poison put into the barrel of good stuff. It worked and worked beautifully. The Black Hundred is responsible for the horrible disconnect in Russia between the intellectual people and the ignorant majority. Due to that disconnect the majority of the people followed the radicals eventually much easier than it would be if the intellectuals could prevent that. They could not. In sorts the Secret Police in Russia accelerated the Revolution by nourishing and leading the Black Hundred.

Now, here in the US our idiotic MSM laughs their ears off. They make stupid noises like those monkeys who do not want to acknowledge that they are in the crate. They mislead the US people once again: the Black Hundred has come, it is here and it does its damage.

For goodness sake, people, be aware that it is the same plague that already did its job in Europe in the XXth Century! Please, be aware that the Black Hundred stops at nothing; it is very well funded and its energy is omnipotent. It flourishes on lies and lies are in abundance nowadays. Organize your troops. In Russia factory workers organized and their demonstrations swept the Black Hundred back under the stones. But the damage was already done. We here are vulnerable. They know what they are doing; make no mistake. It is not a ‘movement’; it is an artificial tool which is being used to get power. Power over us. Be prepared or it will be too late.

A writer is a rogue goose. All other gees fly in a flock formation; every goose knows his place and time for honking. The rogue goose is undisciplined. He leaves the formation indiscriminately to have a look at it from aside. He roams back and forth, takes a peep at the leader, honks a little bit from behind, distracts everyone and writes on what he sees. Time passes and as he wants to return back to his place he discovers someone else there. Thus he either has to wait until they land for rest or join another flock in emigration. Those other birds could be cranes, storks or even crows. If he makes it he will become a rogue again. Whenever he goes and whatever he writes he never reaches a destination or enjoys a landing. There’s only Kipling’s God of Fair Beginnings and skies above and beyond. And the only way for a writer to make peace with the Deity is through the language of Poetry.

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  1. Jefferson

    February 15, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    A blunt thing, not lovely.
    The truth is seldom welcome, but….

    Truth is immutable. Immovable. Indestructible.

    You can cover it up with secrets and lies, layer over it with myths and fables, make a joke out of it, attack it as a lie, use it as a bludgeon.

    But you cannot kill truth.

    And even if those with the courage to speak the truth do not, in fact, survive the ordeal, the stark fact remains that truth does survive.

    It survives, and it grows stronger and louder, until before long, there is no ignoring it.

    THAT is democracy. THAT is freedom.

    I don’t need a glittery flag, soaring music, or sentimental poems to dress up my truth or my patriotism.

    Truth stands alone.

    And those who stand alone with it may be truly alone–at least in the beginning–but ultimately, they stand fearless.

    “I was not born to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is strongest.”–Henry David Thoreau, “Civil Disobedience,” 1848

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