WANTED: Activist in Central Ohio to Help Distribute “The Voice”

The Liberty Voice needs help with distribution in the Central Ohio area. Currently, we have around 100 businesses, newspaper boxes, racks, and other locations that we deliver to once every two months.

Here are the requirements:
*Must possess a van or a truck capable of holding 15,000-18,000 copies of the Liberty Voice. A mini van will work, or a truck with a cap on the back.
*10-15 hours every two months to covering the route in Columbus, Delaware, Powell, Dublin, and Bexley.
*A love for Truth and Liberty!

Willing to discuss compensation for your efforts. I am currently expanding the Liberty Voice in Austin, TX and need someone to assist in the physical delivery in Ohio.

Please contact Jason Rink if interested at 614-584-1000 or jason@thelibertyvoice.com!

Jason Rink is the Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Voice. Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul. See more of his work at his writing at JasonRink.com and his film production work at FoundationMedia.org.

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  1. Lorn Mullenix

    June 17, 2010 at 6:52 am


    I would be willing to do this. However, after 20 years, I finally got minivans out of my driveway (kids are grown) in exchange for a Honda Accord. I added a hitch so I can haul my trailer with it, but the trailer does not have a roof on it.

    I may not be your best candidate for this, but I support the Liberty Voice and what you are doing with it. And I have lived in central Ohio for almost 50 years, so I know my way around. Let me know if you want to pursue this with me.

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