Wacky Is as Wacky Does

by Brian Wilson

Thank you, Forest.

For Newzies like you and me, there is no shortage of web sites, blogs, pod casts and newsletters extolling the virtues of One Man’s Opinion. As the saying goes, “Like (a certain body part), everybody has one.” Like most, some are better than others. And, like very few, some are really better than others.

From a talk show host perspective, they don’t get much better than Rich Galen’s “Mullings – An American Cyber Column”. It arrives in my In-Box a few times each week. Rich has been around the Logic Free Zone for a bunch of years in a variety of capacities that has made him an astute analyst of the Village and the Idiots. Or Kindergarten Recess, to be more accurate. He is a great radio guest: knowledgeable, articulate, been-there-done-that kinda guy. Always makes those 15 minutes worth the listen.

I know you’ve been waiting for it, so here’s the But:

The latest Mullings arrived last night. Once again, another spot – on commentary on the latest shenanigans within the “Pick Me! Pick Me! 2012 Republican Presidential Race”.

He properly skewers Santorum’s Holier-Than-Thou pontiff-ications about porn:

I don’t care if you like pornography. It’s none of my business. The bigger issue for Santorum is he does care whether you watch it. The dichotomy in Santorum’s position is that he wants to use the full might and reach of the Federal government to forbid the distribution of pornography… This from a candidate who has consistently argued for less Federal intervention in our lives.

Despite the fact Rich worked for Newt Gingrich back in his “Speaker” days, he properly points to this recent discussion:

In conference call with religious leaders earlier this month about gay marriage a woman said “gay marriage would eventually lead to people marrying dogs.” Gingrich, according to published reports, not only didn’t correct the woman, but placed the blame on teachers.

And to Romney:

According to an ABC News piece in October, 2011 Mitt Romney spoke about a Constitutional amendment which would declare that life begins at conception “and ‘birth control prevents conception’ but that he was “not campaigning for an amendment of some kind.”

According to the ABC article, “two weeks earlier Romney told Fox News host Mike Huckabee that he would ‘absolutely’ support such an amendment.”

Galen’s appropriate summary:

Gasoline prices in the U.S. are the highest ever this early in the year. Unemployment is static at about 8.3 percent. The housing market will be in the doldrums for decades. Manufacturing jobs continue to move off shore…

According to a Bloomberg Newt poll “Obama’s lowest ratings on the economy involve his handling of the federal budget deficit, with 62 percent of Americans surveyed disapproving.”

The GOP candidates should focus on the issues that most of us are worried about and will sway their votes.

Those are the columns bare bones; a much better “read” when taken as a whole.

I know. I know: So where’s the “But”?

Well….notice anything missing? Anyone missing? If you answered “Ron Paul”, you have a keen sense for the obvious (at least here at LewRockwell.com)

Like most pundits – especially that Inside the Beltway – Rich tolerates Ron as a candidate. Maybe he respects his tenacity. I think that’s an improvement over 6 months ago.

So using the otherwise excellent Galen Measure of Topic and Consistency, one has to ask:

What about Ron Paul? Try as you might, you cannot find such wacky inconsistency with Ron Paul. You do not find bizzar-o flip-flops with Ron Paul.

You cannot find a more consistent, faithful adherent to the principles of Liberty, small government, lower taxes, fewer regulations, fiscal responsibility and government just plain out of your life, leaving you alone to live in Freedom. What a concept! Isn’t that what Republicans, “Conservatives”, libertarians, even “Independents” are all about?

But NO – the MSM, Neocons and certain otherwise spot-on pundits would have you discount as “unelectable” this “wacky uncle” kinda guy who, when push comes to shove, almost everybody agrees with – except (say it with me) his “unacceptable foreign policy”.

OK – once and for all – just what is this Coo-Coo-For Cocoa-Puffs “policy” idea thingy? That we don’t just bomb the crap out of anyone and everyone we don’t like because of (insert objectionable behavior here)? And when a compelling national security interest does exist and war must be waged, that we act in harmony with – tah dah! – the Constitution, with Congress issuing a Declaration of War?! And only then do we go where we must, win it swiftly and decisively….. and then come home.

WOW – isn’t that just the most wackiest* damn thing you ever heard ever?

Porn, gay marriage, birth control….yeah, yeah, yeah…No “Wacky” there, right? Just good, honest, intrusive, micro-managing “Big Government Nose In Your Business” interventionism, running your life and mine from those Constitutionally-unprincipled little GOP Dictator-Wanna-Be’s and those oh-so balanced, reasonable, objective news-readers and pundits who love ’em.

Well, most of them.

Woo-Hoo: vote Republican.


Here’s another wacky idea: whaddayasay we put The Adult in charge this time?

If I have to carve his name onto the voting machine, I’m voting for Ron Paul.

*Note: Attention Grammar Nazis and Closet Editors: Save your emails; I am aware of the rules governing adverbs. The structure was used intentionally.

Brian Wilson, nationally ignored talk show host and occasional LRC un-indicted co-contributor, is currently annoying miniscule audiences in a number of markets from his technically challenged studios safely outside the dictatorship of Toledo. Brian may be endured from 3p–6p at www.wspd.com.

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Jason Rink is the Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Voice. Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul. See more of his work at his writing at JasonRink.com and his film production work at FoundationMedia.org.

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