‘Twas the day before Christmas, in the United States Congress

Courtesy of: www.voteforcantwell.com

Editor’s note: The class of 2010 is what they’ll call them. Liberty candidates with inspiration from leaders like our Founders and Ron Paul…candidates like Chris Cantwell, who is running for his house district in New York wrote this little poem in response to the Senate vote on Christmas Eve. I’m sorry for the delay publishing it, as it is quite special.

‘Twas the day before Christmas, in the United States Congress

A Crime was committed, but the left called it progress,

The votes were decided, before the bill read,

Though most real Americans, hoped it was dead,

They called it Affordable, they called it a choice,

Though they knew that the money, had been counted twice

Though Stalin in Hell, Karl Marx in His Grave, seemed they’d been resurrected that Christmas Eve Day,

‘Twas 7 in East, and 4 in the West, when American’s woke to observe such a mess

They all watched astonished, as newsmen announced,

That an idea once so foreign, was now in their house

“This is socialism”, so many would say

But the US has been socialist, for many decades

I said communism is the one proper term, abolition of property here now for sure

There are no more owners, no more ownership

No means of production, no way to get rich

There is no more freedom, no more making choices

All hail the recipient, arose left wing voices

They called it a victory, like they didn’t know

In less than a year we would head to the polls

I don’t mean the North, I don’t mean the South,

But within our districts to vote the bums out!

And not like the past, to replace D’s with R’s

But to make a real difference, for once and for all

“We are not stupid” we’ll tell politicians, who toy with our lives to fulfill their ambitions

You might take our money, you might take our lives

But deep in our hearts is where Liberty thrives

It needs not a license, it pays not a tax

It cannot be taken, by how congress acts

Inherent within us, the true rights of man

Our lives and our Liberty are not in your hands

They cannot be granted by parchments or seals

Nor can they be taken by Democrats deals

And think not Republicans, that we have forgotten

About all your sins, you are just as rotten

The Patriot Act, The War, and the Watch Lists

Don’t think that the Dems will make us your hostage

For we have arisen, not dozens but hundreds

Libertarians rise, to take back the Congress

And not just the feds, but also the states

We’ll end income tax, if thats what it takes

The States Represented, Republic Restored

The War Will Be Ended, and Jurors Informed

We’ll Keep and Bear Arms, and Speak Without Fear

And you’ll need a warrant to search over here

For Freedom my friends, is the law of the land

It’s why blood was shed, by so many a man

We’ll honor their spirits, and the Spirit of Christ

Merry Christmas to All, and to All A Good Night!

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