Truth of Newspapers in the Pitts

In Leonard Pitts’ June 19th article, “Ink Age is Ending for Newspapers” Pitts pleads for journalists to save the American newspaper with “a radical change in focus” and goes on to describe the need for printed newspapers to shift toward being on-line news outlets in order to adapt to the changing times.

While I do not disagree with that necessary evolution, I do think the “radical change” should focus not on how we deliver the news, but on why we do it at all. When the public looks for news, whether through print, broadcast or on-line media, our industry would be wise to remember that first and foremost — they are looking for the truth.

It is truth itself that must be the basis for journalists’ “radical change of focus” and the best way for us to “save the American newspaper.”

In his conclusion, Pitts seconds the motion of Carl Sessions Stepp, senior editor of the American Journalism Review, who published a call to arms via an essay exhorting journalists to stop weeping over the state of their industry and launch an all-hands-on-deck, man-on-the-moon campaign to reinvent and save it.

Not only do I agree, I have put that belief into action by publishing “fiercely independent news and commentary” in my newspaper, The Liberty Voice. In contrast to the dismal statistics of our industry, the readership of The Liberty Voice has grown five-fold in just seven months. Why? Because we are uncompromised in our “radical” focus — on the truth.

sherry clark

The Liberty Voice

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