Timeline of FDA raids on raw milk farmers, dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners

The US Food and Drug Administration has a long history of conducting armed, SWAT-style raids on farmers, cancer treatment pioneers and dietary supplement manufacturers. This list, compiled by the editors of NaturalNews, reveals only some of the hundreds of armed FDA raids that have been conducted in the last twenty-five years.

What you see from this is a pattern of government-sponsored terrorism against innocent Americans and small business people; all done in the name of “protecting” the public from milk, walnuts, vitamins, plants or fruit extracts. The real reason behind all this, of course, is that the FDA has long waged a campaign of fear and intimidation against natural product providers for the sole purpose of destroying the natural products industry and thereby handing Big Pharma a monopoly over health treatment medicines.

If you’re skeptical of that conclusion, read the timeline and see for yourself. And if you’re currently a farmer who might be targeted in a future FDA raid, be sure to read this helpful resource created by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund entitled How to Survive a Farm Raid:

– 1985, July 7. FDA agents raid the Burzynski Research Clinic (Texas), steal 200,000 medical and research documents, and force Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski to pay for copies to be made of them. No official charges are ever filed by the FDA (http://www.myopia.org/fdaraids.htm).

– 1987, February 26. Twenty-five armed FDA agents and US Marshals storm offices of the Life Extension Foundation (Florida), terrorize employees and seize thousands of nutritional products, materials, computers, files, and newsletters. Eighty percent of seized items are later determined not to even have been on the warrant (http://www.naturalnews.com/021791.html).

– 1988, November. FDA agents raid Traco Labs (Illinois), seize several drums of black currant oil as well as many containers of encapsulated product. The FDA claims the capsules the oil was being put into are an “unapproved food additive” (http://www.drpasswater.com/nutritio…).

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