Thirty State Sovereignty Resolutions

Hat tip:Tenth Amendment Center

Many of you have asked for a central location to stay up to date with state sovereignty bills. While the idea of centralizing information and/or control over a movement of this kind seems to fly in the face of the principles of decentralization that the Tenth Amendment Center stands for, we have gladly succumbed to popular demand with this informational post.

We’ll do our best to keep this post updated when new bills are introduced. If you feel something is missing from the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know. It’s essential that people on the front lines in the individual states drive these efforts.



West Virginia

North Carolina

North Dakota (passed house 52-40 on 04-07-09)




Alabama (2nd Resolution, HJR403, introduced 03-24-09)

Mississippi (senate resolution introduced 03-10-09)

Pennsylvania (senate resolution introduced 03-19-09)

Idaho (Passed House 51-17, on 03-23-09, Passed Senate on 04-07-09)

New Mexico (tabled in committee)

South Dakota (passed house on 03-03-09 by a vote of 51-18, passed senate on 03-05-09 by a vote of 20-14)


Kentucky (2nd resolution introduced on 02/24)

Alaska (2nd resolution introduced 03-19-09) (HJR27 Passed 37-0 on 04-06-09)

Indiana (2nd Senate Resolution Introduced 03-19-09) (SR0042 Passed Committe 8-0 on 04-01-09) (SR0042 Passed Senate 44-3 on 04-09-09)


Arkansas (failed in committee on 03-04-09 passed committee 04-01-09 failed House vote, 54-34)


South Carolina (passed house on 02-26-09, senate – referred to subcommittee)

Georgia (Senate VersionPassed 43-1 on 04/01/09)


Texas (senate resolution introduced 03-02-09senate’s 2nd resolution introduced on 03-04-09)

New Hampshire (resolution killed in house on 03-04-09: 216-150)



Montana (Failed 51-49 on 02-24-09) (Resolution reintroduced as HR3) (HR3 Hearing Scheduled for 04-15-09)

Michigan (senate version introduced 03-03-09)



Oklahoma (passed house on 02/18/09, senate version passed 25-17 on 03-04-09)

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  1. Harold Thomas

    April 18, 2009 at 9:53 am

    The Tenth Amendment Center is a great source that I use myself. The center’s director, Michael Boldin, and I have corresponded on several occasions. The same information is arranged a bit differently at my blog, The Ohio Republic (, and once in a while I am able to scoop them. The Ohio Republic will also keep you up to date on _our_ state sovereignty resolution (HCR11) and related issues.


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