The War on Terra

by Hamid Golpira

What is the “War on Terror” all about anyway?

Every time a military operation is carried out that leaves scores of children and other civilians dead but fails to hit the professed targets, the self-proclaimed pundits say it is another indication that the War on Terror is a bungled, inefficient campaign. But is it an inefficient War on Terror or a very efficient war — on Terra?

Terra is Latin for Earth. Terran and Earther are the correct terms for a person from Earth. Never call yourself an Earthling. When you use the word Earthling, you disempower yourself. Earthling is a diminutive like sapling or duckling. Earthling actually means “little Earth person” — which is how the global ruling class views the majority of the people of Earth.

And the powers that be are actually implementing a global depopulation program to eradicate many of the little Earth people. However, some will be allowed to live a marginalized existence.
The masses that are deemed to be useful workers — as opposed to useless eaters — are being reduced to serfdom. Globalization is actually global pauperization. The current global economic meltdown, which is destroying the middle class, is a part of this plan.

This is the War on Terra.

Why do 18,000 children starve to death every day, even though there is enough food to feed everyone on the planet and end famine?

Why has the HIV/AIDS epidemic never been properly addressed?

Why are mutagenic depleted uranium weapons being used on battlefields from Iraq to Afghanistan?

Why are there so many seemingly senseless wars, which have left hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of people dead?

Is it all an accident?

Is it all just the result of the global haves’ indifference to the plight of the global have-nots?

Is it just due to the incompetence of the United Nations, the major powers, and multinational corporations?

Or is it deliberate?

In his book Golistan, the Iranian poet Saadi wrote:

All Adam’s children are limbs of one body, created from one essence.

If fate brings suffering to one limb, the others cannot remain at rest.

Those who do not feel the pain of others, do not deserve to be called human.

And Saadi’s words still ring true.

To truly be a human, one must stand up for the rights of all humanity.

And the War on Terra is a war on humanity. The War on Terra is a war on US.

So let’s stand up for our human rights, before the War on Terra turns our planet into a dystopian wasteland.

Publisher’s note: On September 20, 2001, in George W. Bush’s Texan drawl in his address to Congress, he did in fact say, “War on Terra.”

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