The Patriot’s Pledge

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I, a patriotic American, do hereby declare this to be my official request if I am killed in a ‘terrorist attack’.

Article I: War Powers

Congress must no longer abdicate its constitutional responsibility by granting open-ended war powers to the President through vague “resolutions” or “authorizations”. If a military response is warranted against another country, then Congress must formally declare war as stipulated in the Constitution. Or, if a military response is warranted against a terrorist group or organization, then Congress must formally grant Letters of Marque & Reprisal as stipulated in the Constitution.

Article II: Civil Liberties

We must not allow our constitutional rights to be undermined in the name of national security. Fear of terrorist acts is not sufficient cause to relinquish our civil liberties. Liberties such as, but not limited to, the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of the internet, Habeas corpus, and freedom from government spying on private citizens must be strictly upheld in the event of an attack.

Article III: Federal Budget

Ten years after 9/11, the record breaking military budget for the fiscal year 2011 is nearly $1 trillion. We have sold ourselves into financial slavery to China and Japan, owing them almost $2 trillion, and amassing a $14 trillion national debt to foreign and domestic creditors. We must cut spending and balance our budget, or be faced with a catastrophic economic collapse in the aftermath of another terrorist attack.

Article IV: Support of our troops

Our current foreign policy has resulted in a military that is suffering from record suicide rates and a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) epidemic. Any future military response must clearly define the enemy, specify the objectives, achieve swift victory, and immediately bring our troops home. We must respect the sacrifices made by our troops by only putting them into harm’s way when it is absolutely necessary.

Article V: Moral integrity

America can defend its citizens and obtain vital intelligence without resorting to torture or other forms of abuse. We do not need to stoop to the terrorists’ level and sacrifice our nation’s moral integrity to keep our country safe. America stands for liberty. That means the liberties and rights of every individual, regardless of their nationality or crime they are suspected of having committed. If we are willing to sacrifice rights and liberties, we are no longer a “free country”, and the terrorists have already won.

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