The New Hampshire Baby Snatching State Goons

Johnathon Irish and Stephanie Taylor


By Andrew McCleese    

Last night, a viral video began making the rounds on the Internet.  It was the tale of one Johnathon Irish of New Hampshire and his new born baby daughter who was birthed on October 6th, 2010 at Concord Hospital.  If this sounds like the beginning of a story with a happy ending and white picket fences, I advise my readers to buckle up; this is more of a mystery cliffhanger.  Mr. Irish and his soon to be wife Stephanie should be celebrating an addition to their family while relaxing and recovering at home, instead it looks like Johnathon and Stephanie may be spending an untold amount of time fighting for their inalienable rights as parents.     

The particulars of the case begin like any other birth, that is until the turn toward the Twilight Zone when Mr. Irish requested that his new born daughter be seen by the pediatrician and released to the family.  Johnathon, instead of being met by a doctor for one final check up of his infant, was approached by the director of security and the head nurse of Concord Hospital’s maternity ward.  Initially Mr. Irish was told by the head nurse that they needed to take the baby to the nursery.  As the nurse wheeled out his daughter in the bassinet, Mr. Irish’s instincts kicked in.  Upon walking into the hall to find out where his daughter was being taken, Johnathon saw three sharply dressed agents of the state of New Hampshire adorning badges.  It turns out these people were detectives with the Division of Child and Family Services who demanded a moment of Mr. Irish’s time, after they violated one more civil right with a 4th Amendment shredding stop and frisk in the hospital hall.  This was only after Johnathon was forced to put his hands over his heads like a petty criminal instead of the jubilant new father he was.  After the “Men in Black” (who were only there to help by ripping apart a family) searched and stole Mr. Irish’s Bic lighter and pocket knife, they informed him that he would not be permitted to leave the hospital with his daughter.  When describing this chain of events and the deception of the head nurse in seizing their baby, Mr. Irish remarked, “They lied to us – they got us to allow them to take our daughter under false pretenses, we didn’t even have a choice.”   To add insult to injury, Mr. Irish and his fiancée Stephanie were only allowed a couple of minutes with their daughter before the child grabbing goons of the state made way with their bundle of joy.  For the final bit of salt in the wound, Mr. Irish received the special privilege of further indignity when he was assigned his very own hospital rent-a-cop to follow his every move.     

Logic dictates that Mr. Irish has to be some sort of menacing terror with a history of violent, episodic behavior which would make him or his fiancée an imminent threat to their child.  The state must have some Constitutional grounds for which to play baby snatcher with no Due Process one might assume.  These are hardly logical times or Constitutional times.  I have spoken directly with Mr. Irish and I have seen Stephanie’s Facebook page and hope to get a chance to speak with her soon.  I have seen the pictures of their other children smiling and laughing like a normal family should and I have seen the state’s affidavit against Mr. Irish.  Since an affidavit is supposed to be a statement of fact, we can begin to dissect this document with what we know to be inaccurate about the state’s sworn testimony.  I would like to state that there are accusations made in this affidavit with regards to parental rights of Stephanie and Johnathon in regards to their other two children which have not yet been fully adjudicated.  Unless we as Americans wish to practice Napoleonic Law and be assumed guilty until proven otherwise, I would advise people to reserve judgment on these particular complaints in so much as they may be as baseless as some of the other charges in the affidavit.  Regardless of the pending parental rights petitions on the couple’s other two children, the mere mention of “Oath Keepers” or possession of firearms as cause for the state’s obligation to steal a third child should send a chill down every red blooded American’s spine.  Since an affidavit is supposedly facts, let’s take a look at number seven on this document which is demonstrably fiction.     


“The Division became aware and confirmed that Mr. Irish associated with a militia known as “Oath Keepers”, and had purchased several different types of weapons including a rifle, handgun and a taser.”     

This sentence is factually inaccurate.  Oath Keepers as many on the side of liberty and freedom know is not a militia and resembles nothing of a militia.  Even if it was a militia, where is the illegality in belonging to such an organization?  The Bill of Rights not only protects the freedom to assemble (such as in a militia) but it also protects an individual right to bear arms.  The word militia is mentioned in the 2nd Amendment as the Left always wishes to contort in order to dilute this inalienable right of self defense.  So even if Oath Keepers was a militia, which it is not, Mr. Irish membership in such an organization should be of no concern to the state.   This dangerously resembles the makings of a political prisoner, at least in the case of Mr. Irish’s and Ms. Taylor’s daughter.   

Oath Keepers is simply an organization of active duty and ex military and law enforcement who have agreed to abide by the Constitution.  It is a group of people we Americans at one point or another have entrusted to uphold our laws, fight our wars and protect our citizens.  These are noble people for the most part, leaving open the possibility that there may be a bad apple or two as there is in any group of significant size.  However, to date, I have seen no such bad apple from the Oath Keepers.  The only mandate of the Oath Keepers is to not obey Unconstitutional orders such as disarming of citizens as was the case in Katrina or the potential internment of U.S. citizens with no Due Process in some state declared martial law scenario or as happened during World War II.  These are not radical or dangerous people especially when you consider what they are on guard against has happened before.  What is radical is playing fast and loose with history and pretending we still resemble a free society.  The mission of Oath Keepers can be found in the group’s name, to honor their sworn oaths to the U.S. Constitution.  How this can be declared a militia, which is a threat to a child, with the intimation that the organization is a potentially violent and revolutionary, is anyone’s guess.       

As I mentioned, I spoke with Mr. Irish about how deep his affiliation is with the Oath Keepers and how the state even discovered he was a member.  Mr. Irish told me that he has never been a paying member of the Oath Keepers so how the state knew he was connected to the group is unknown at this point.  He has law enforcement training but never became a peace officer and Mr. Irish was rejected from military service due to a prosthetic eye.  His linkage to the group is that he is involved in practicing his 1st Amendment right of free speech on the website’s forums from time to time.  Additionally, Mr. Irish has helped organize some meetings of the New Hampshire Oath Keepers but he is no longer involved in the organization in that capacity.  One can only speculate how such a loose association to a group could be listed as ground for removal of a child from a parent on a state affidavit.  I would love to hear that legal justification.     

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers has also been in contact with Mr. Irish and is preparing a legal defense fund.  Mr. Rhodes wrote on his website:     

“Regardless of the other allegations, it is utterly unconstitutional for government agencies to list Mr. Irish’s association with Oath Keepers in an affidavit in support of a child abuse order to remove his daughter from his custody.  Talk about chilling speech! If this is allowed to continue, it will chill the speech of not just Mr. Irish, but all Oath Keepers and it will serve as the camel under the tent for other associations being considered too risky for parents to dare. Thus, it serves to chill the speech of all of us, in any group we belong to that “officials” may not approve of. Don’t you dare associate with such and such group, or you could be on “the list” and then child protective services might come take your kids.”     

Mr. Irish did ask that I clear a few things up on his behalf in that he has become a bit of an overnight celebrity, the most unwanted kind of celebrity however, sorry Paris.  First, there appears to be some Internet sleuths out there who are trying to uncover as much dirt about this average American citizen as possible; in doing so some people have erroneously attributed a simple assault and domestic violence of a John Irish to Johnathon Irish.  They are not the same people, John Irish is Johnathon’s father.  Additionally Mr. Irish had a statement to make about the concealed weapons charge listed in number seven of the affidavit.  According to his version of events, the incident in question involved he and his fiancée Stephanie in a vehicle in June of 2010.  Stephanie Taylor is a licensed conceal carry holder in New Hampshire and the firearm in question was purchased at a federally licensed firearms dealership.  The weapon was registered to Stephanie and not Johnathon.  However, when the two were stopped, despite Stephanie having a conceal carry and the gun being in her name, Johnathon was charged.  As this story continues to develop and I have more time to speak with Mr. Irish, further details and updates will be provided.  In the meantime, if any Constitutional patriots wish to contact the New Hampshire Division of Child andFamily Service, contact information can be found below.  For a video interview with Mr. Irish and the official statement from Oath Keepers, please visit their website on the link below.    

Contact New Hampshire DCWY    

Telephone (603) 271-4711
Toll Free Number (800) 852-3345
Fax Number (603) 271-4729    

Email: Click here to email.    

Contact Concord Hospital    

(603) 225-2711    

Toll Free Instate: (800) 327-0464

I wear many hats but history, economics and political observance have always been a passion. I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Business with a degree in Information Systems and Digital Business with a minor in European History. I work for a small mom-and-pop IT consulting and software design company. We deal in servicing mostly government funded non-profit mental and behavioral health care agencies in the state of Ohio. In this I deal with Medicaid and Medicare funds and have a little insight on the boondoggles of government there. Thankfully the undemanding nature of my daily profession gives me ample time to read and stay aware of our current state of affairs which I find stranger than fiction in many instances. In addition to being in the IT field, I have also been self employed with a small contracting company so I might know a thing or two about the plight of small business that employs 71% of the American workforce. I however don't draw my knowledge from my day jobs, which I have had a few; I draw it from an intense obsession with facts and observation about the world in which I live. I do have formal education in things such as history, economics and finance particularly as it pertains to global issues, but I have come to find much of what I thought I knew from the formalities of a state university I had to unlearn through much time and independent research. I hope you enjoy what I bring you which is not often heard in the mainstream news outlets. I would like to think my own personal editorializing is not only edifying but thought provoking while not at all obnoxious. That last one may be a hard to achieve.


  1. keren

    October 9, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    My prayers are going up for the Irish family, I can’t even imagine their anguish and weariness right now. I am disheartened by the resonating threats to humanity from the unbridled greed and dictates of the leaders of this country. I am at times embarressed, humiliated and ashamed that this is the sort of ‘American Dream’ for which the coming generations will have to suffer. In front of the Court House in the town which I live there is a monument to William Thomas Overby which states twice “Executed without Trial”. I plainly tell my children what this means is that American citizens were killed without the due process our Constitution provides for and if it happened even 130 years ago it will happen again. 130 years ago children too were being torn from their mothers breast, have we gained nothing from this experience.

  2. Bill

    September 29, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    You all are so stupid. John Irish Jr. Beat his fiancee and children. He went to court and lost all rights to his children because he was so violent. That is why the new born infant was taken away. He was given complete legal rights and due process. This man deseves to rot in jail right along with his fiancee.

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