The N3TWORK Versus AP (American Propaganda)


The N3TWORK is an independent media organization that explores issues not typically discussed by the mainstream because we are not swayed by corporate, political, or religious influences. Our only influence is the interest of the people. At the N3TWORK, we hope to generate inspiration and empowerment through awareness. Instead of assigning blame, we encourage individuals to become responsible and active citizens.

Our first two episodes are on net neutrality and genetically modified foods, and our third episode just launched today and exposes big media for the frauds that they are. The episode exposes the corporate control of the media, highlights cases of media censorship (9/11 included of course), and features an interview with Peter Phillips from Project Censored. Our goal with the N3TWORK is to introduce these serious issues to a more mainstream audience, by making our presentation as interactive and mainstream as we can. We have episodes coming up on constitutional rights, global warming, and the fluoridation of our water supplies.

You can watch all of our episodes so far at

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