The Liberty Voice — April Edition Has Been Released!


We are so excited to bring you this edition. We are featuring not only informative articles about our criminal justice system, including “Jury Nullification: The Right of Free Americans” and “The American [In]justice System” by Paul Craig Roberts, we also have in depth insights about our current bailout situation: “Bailouts Are Taxation Without Representation” by “George Washington blog”, “GM — The New Government Motors” and “Meet the Old Boss, Same as the Old Boss.”

More disturbing articles include one about FEMA camps in America called, “Preparing for Civil Unrest in America” by Michel Chossuvsky (Global Research) and other trends like “The New Terrorists — Use U.S. Constitution as Manual” and “Bailout for Mainstream Media May Be Next.”

Other articles include a 1978 speech by Ronald Reagan called, “Hmmm…Was Reagan a Terrorist?”, “Beware Obama’s Road to Serfdom,” “545 People vs 300 Million,” “Obamavilles and Hoovervilles — TARPtown, USA,” “Ron Paul: Culprits of Financial Collapse Should Be Arrested” and a transcript of Jon Stewart’s Epic Rant against CNBC called, “CNBC:’Information and Experience you Need*’ But Won’t Get.”

All of these stories are now easy to read in our new, larger broadsheet format. We are now officially the “biggest, thinnest, most powerful paper” in Ohio!

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To view the pdf online, click here:The Liberty Voice –April 2009

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