The Latest Winter Edition of The Liberty Voice is Released!

The latest edition of The Liberty Voice is in the mail to all of our faithful subscribers and in your favorite restaurants, taverns, bookstores and street newsboxes.

This is our first edition that we accepted paid advertisements, and the response has been (frankly, surprisingly) favorable! Let us know what you think! Send an e-mail to and share your valued insights and comments.

This winter issue features many local writers which are new to The Liberty Voice as well as our more seasoned columnists like Ellen Brown and Paul Craig Roberts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this issue, including some outstanding liberty candidates who are launching their campaigns in our paper. I hope the intelligent readers of The Liberty Voice will find at least one candidate that they can and will support in these important races.

This edition’s stories include:

Excerpts of Legal Plunder & “THE LAW” by Bastiat*

  • (Sponsored by “Families for Schweitzer,” Craig Schweitzer for Ohio State Representative– 2nd District. )

How to Take Back Your Constitution by Holding Local Politicians Accountable

2010: Hope and Change Redux*

  • (Sponsored by “Irvine for Congress”. Travis Irvine is the Libertarian candidate for Ohio’s 12th US Congressional district)

U.S. Constitution: Article I, Section 8*

  • (Sponsored by “Ryon for Congress”. Dave Ryon is the Constitutional party candidate for Ohio’s U.S. Congress, 15th district seat.)

Americans Are Hell-Bent on Tyranny

Iraq War Veteran: “Our enemy is not 5,000 miles away, it is right here at home”

The US & China: One Side is Losing, the Other is Winning

CE-Cold Grim Reapers “Defend Homeland”

Kiss Your Safety & Liberty Goodbye

The Underwear Bomber: More to the story Kurt Haskell describes The Well Dressed Man and the Man in Orange

Candidate for Ohio Governor, Ken Matesz says, “Do Away with State Income Tax!”*

  • (Sponsored by “Ken Matesz for Governor” committee.  Ken Matesz is running as a Libertarian for Governor of Ohio in 2010.  This article was written by Ken Matesz.)

One Man’s Love

To US: “Well, Piss off then!”

On Cows, The Constitution & The Ten Commandments

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