The Last Word on Terrorism

That Kissinger would equate Nasserism with terrorism is particularly galling to those who are even passingly familiar with the history of the region. As is typical with such pronouncements by the mouthpieces of the global elite, the easily demonstrable truth is precisely the opposite of what Kissinger asserts. He just thinks his audience is too historically ignorant to call him on his lie.

In 1952 British troops in the Suez Canal area became embroiled in a fight with local police, resulting in the slaughter of 50 Egyptian policemen and the wounding of 100 more. The furious Egyptian public, long suffering under the reign of King Farouk, a pro-British regent who lived in opulence while his people struggled, organized into riots and a cadre of Egyptian army officers calling themselves “The Free Officers Movement” overthrew the king and instituted a republic. They were led by Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein who became the second president of Egypt in 1956.

From the beginning, Nasser was hated and feared by the international oligarchs who had become used to having a puppet regime in power over the key Suez Canal shipping route. Nasser was nothing like King Farouk. Young, charismatic and polished, Nasser set about creating a modern, secular Egyptian state that was to become the template for a new movement, Pan-Arab Nationalism, that threatened the status quo of Western imperial dominance over the region.

Foregoing the royal lifestyle of Egyptian leaders past, Nasser redirected the state’s resources into building up housing, education and health services for the Egyptian people. An adherent to neutralism and the Non-aligned movement, Nasser assured the eternal enmity of the imperial powers and the eternal love of the Arab people by nationalizing the Suez Canal in 1956. For the first time the Egyptian people would have control over their most strategic asset.

Naturally, the prospect of a defiant, viable, secular Arab nationalist state as a model for other Arab nations to follow was anathema to British-U.S.-Israeli interests, and plans to derail Nasser were hatched before he had even become President. Among these plans was the now-infamous Lavon Affair, an Israeli military intelligence plot to plant bombs throughout Egypt in order to blame on nationalists, communists, Muslims or “unspecified malcontents” in order to justify continued British occupation of the Suez Canal zone.

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