Surveillance Drones To Zap Protesters Into Submission

The future of policing: Dissidents to be tortured into compliance by marauding unmanned vehicles

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Paul Joseph Watson
hat tip: Prison
Friday, February 12, 2010

Illustrating once again that the prison planet being built around us far outstrips anything Aldous Huxley or George Orwell ever imagined, a Wired News report details how police forces worldwide are preparing to unveil drone aircraft that can not only conduct surveillance of protesters, but also zap them into submission with non-lethal weapons.

As part of their ongoing mission to “protect and serve” the new world order, cops across the world are getting access to military drones which allow them to “carry out surveillance on everyone from protesters and antisocial motorists to fly-tippers,” reports Wired News.

The report details how the future of policing will resemble something approaching a combination of They Live and The Running Man, with unmanned drones replacing police helicopters whizzing around everywhere torturing and knocking out anyone who misbehaves.

According to the report, this is a natural progression from CCTV cameras that shout at passers-by, currently deployed in several UK cities, only now drones will be fitted with LRAD acoustic devices, torture sound weapons that were indiscriminately used and abused during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh on innocent members of the public who were just walking down the street and had not even dared to engage in the criminal activity of expressing their First Amendment right to assemble.

“The LRAD has been tested on the Austrian S-100 unmanned helicopter, and the technology is ready if there is a police requirement,” states the article.

Also available to police will be a drone that can fire tear gas as well as rubber pellets to disperse anyone still living under the delusion that they were born in a democratic country.

“French company Tecknisolar Seni has demonstrated a portable drone armed with a double-barreled 44mm Flash-Ball gun,” states the report. “Used by French special police units, the one-kilo Flash-Ball resembles a large caliber handgun and fires non-lethal rounds, including tear gas and rubber impact rounds to bring down a suspect without permanent damage — “the same effect as the punch of a champion boxer,” claim makers Verney-Carron.”

Of course the fact that the Flash-Ball devices have caused “permanent damage” in the form of head injuries is glossed over.

Another option will be a mini-flying saucer drone fitted with a Taser gun, primed to shoot 50,000-volts into anyone who refuses to bow down at the feet of global government.

“Taser stun guns are now so light (about 150 grams) that they could be mounted on the smaller drones. Antoine di Zazzo, head of SMP Technologies, which distributes tasers in France, says the company is fitting one to a small quad-rotor iDrone (another quad-rotor toy helicopter), which some have called a “flying saucer”.

Since police routinely use Tasers as a method of “pain compliance,” ie torture, and not in genuinely threatening situations, abuse of the devices is widespread in every country that has introduced them. Since June 2001, over 350 people have died in the United States after being hit with these “non-lethal weapons”. Imagine how incidents of abuse would skyrocket once the personal element of using a Taser is removed and they are strapped to marauding surveillance drones, eliminating any responsibility for deaths and injuries that occur.

Why not just equip the drones with hellfire missiles and have done with it? Now it’s admitted that the authorities treat any dissenter, any protester, anyone who questions the system, even anyone who takes a photograph in public as a terrorist, why not just blow us all away like they do to “insurgents” in Afghanistan?

The fact that every one of these fascistic and futuristic tools of enslavement is being primed to be used mainly against protesters only confirms that the police state is not coming, it’s not some future threat, it’s here in 2010 – we’re living in a world that does not tolerate dissent against its overlords, we’re truly living on a prison planet.


  1. Charles Robert

    February 14, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Huxley and Orwell didn’t have to imagine anything. They were both in positions to know what was coming. Word is that thousands of these (much more sophisticated than in the photo) “hover drones” with not-so non-lethal capability have been strategically warehoused, and can be serviceable in a few hours.

  2. sherry

    February 14, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    The good news just keeps coming with you CR…

  3. Avijith

    December 13, 2012 at 11:55 am

    I think that Mr Keith Geary, needs to look at his own political views and mtonvaoitis before commenting on other’s political views. And if they are politically motivated, it is because we have views that are not about the privatisation of education, and removing any local accountability from the local community and Council. The self-aggrandizing of a superhead , with the complicit approval of a Board of Governors who purport to act in the interest of the community, deserves to be questioned and challenged. Mr Jack Brown artist in residence at Tidemill School, and a Pro Academy Teacher explicitly said that the financial system were sound-this has been found to wanting in the light of recent developments, and me thinks, about the purely politically inspired comment Mr Keith Geary refers to when talking about the temporary withdrawal by the Board of Governors attempt to make Tidemill an Academy School. And academies are not a political issue? Mr Michael Gove thinks not!, there are political intentions. Big business is looking to get peice of the action! Do we want the Carpet Empire of Harris’ running our schools? I choose to think that there are larger forces at work other than Mr Keith Geary or Mr Mark Elms.I am also intrigued by Mr Keith Geary comment We know what the challenge is against the plans . What are they? In the interest of democracy? Is the new plan about waiting till the furore dies down and rushing it through, and hoping that no one notices?This was supposed to be a straightforward process, as we have had to hear on many occasions from Mr Mark Elms and Mr Keith Geary and their various voice-pieces.And for someone who knows I am perplexed at their inability to add up or at least check that the figures were true.

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