Sugar named ‘most addictive and dangerous substance’ of our time, worse than cigarettes and alcohol

sugar-addiction-donuts-_-iStock_000015154101XSmallI’m no scientist.  But anecdotally I can tell you that of all the “fixes”  I need on a daily basis, sugar is the one I cannot go without.  It is pure evil, and I turn into nothing short of a raging sociopath without it.  Generally, a few heaping teaspoons in a steaming hot cup of coffee, and I get the ole 2-for-1 shot…a caffeine candy bar!



From the article:

While the rest of the world is busy obsessing over the dangers of cigarettes and alcohol, the head of Amsterdam’s health service in the Netherlands is trying to raise awareness about a much bigger and more pervasive health threat: sugar. According to Paul Van der Velpen, sugar is the most dangerous and addictive substance of modern times, and more needs to be done in the interests of public health to make people aware of the many harms caused by this ubiquitous drug.

In a recent letter posted by GGD Nederland, an association of the country’s community health services, Van der Velpen discusses the issue of obesity, rates of which have risen dramatically in the Netherlands in recent years. Pointing out that obesity, which is linked to metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and a host of other chronic ailments, saps the healthcare system of tens of millions of dollars annually, Van der Velpen emphasizes that exercise is simply not enough to reverse this growing trend.

Read the sordid details here.

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