Sixth-grader suspended for forming his hand into a gun

The ridiculousness dial goes all the way up to 11 on this one.  In post-Sandy Hook America, the mere finger gesture of an 11 year-old lands him in suspension.  Of course, every day outside of the government school system is a good day for any young mind.  But the madness has to stop sometime…right?  Right?!?!

From the article:

A sixth-grader in Calvert County was suspended for forming his hand into a gun on his bus ride to school, an incident that adds to a string of recent high-profile cases involving punishments for children who gesture with imaginary weapons.

Carin Read, mother of the 11-year-old student at Mill Creek Middle School in Lusby, filed an appeal of the suspension late last week, after a principal denied her request to remove the alleged infraction from her son’s school records.

The boy had already served a day-long in-school suspension, and Read argued that he should not have a permanent record over the matter. His disciplinary referral alleged that he pretended to shoot another student on the bus.

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