‘Mr. Mulch’, Craig Schweitzer Announces Candidacy for Statehouse

Hat tip: The Schweitzer campaign website

October 5, 2009, Powell, Ohio – Craig Schweitzer, a resident of Liberty Township and owner of Outdoor Living by Mr. Mulch has announced his bid for 2nd District State Representative for the 2010 election cycle. The Republican filed the necessary paperwork with the Delaware County Board of Elections this past week; Don Lambie of Dublin, Ohio will be the campaign treasurer.

Schweitzer feels that the time is now for his calling to public service, “I have always had a burning desire to serve in state government” commented the new candidate, Craig Schweitzer. “With all of the financial problems facing the state, an experienced business owner would be advantageous to have at the Statehouse.”

“The residents of Delaware County need a continued voice of common sense; one that appreciates the difference between needs and wants” commented Schweitzer. “Everyone has had to tighten their belts to ride out the economic downturn; the state government must do the same thing. Once the economy starts to grow and tax revenue increases, those in the state government must begin to reduce the tax burden on Ohioans.”

Schweitzer feels that Ohio has created a “less than friendly” business environment, “The number of new taxes and regulations in recent years has made it extremely difficult to operate a business. It is a good thing that hard work is rewarded, or I might not have survived.” Schweitzer is committed to creating a positive business environment; one that encourages and supports businesses, large and small. “If Ohio can retain and grow the number of businesses, it will have a larger tax base. A larger tax base means there are more people paying taxes so there is less of a burden on each one of us.”

Although it might be a bit early to start campaigning for 2010, “I have a lot of doors to knock on and a lot of dollars to raise,” commented Schweitzer. “Even though I have lived in the area and own a local business, Mr. Mulch has better name recognition than Craig Schweitzer. It is important that voters get to know me and what I stand for, the more they know about me the more they will realize I will fight for them.”

The Republican expects three to four other candidates that he will face in the primary next May. The current State Representative, Kris Jordan is vying for the State Senate seat in the 19th District.

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