Ron Paul Phone From Home Program


The most important thing you can do to help me become the next President of the United States, you can do from the comfort of your own home.Today, I’m announcing the launch of my campaign’s Phone From Home Program in key early primary and caucus states.

Can I count on you to sign up?

You see, my campaign has worked hard to produce proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that will allow grassroots activists to make the hundreds of thousands of calls it will take to WIN!

Besides contributing financially, there’s literally NOTHING you can do to help my campaign more.

In fact, here’s a brief video I made explaining the importance of the Phone from Home Program. Please take a moment to watch it.

It was our Phone From Home program that helped lead to my historic finish in the Iowa Straw Poll.

Since that day, my message of liberty and constitutional government has continued spreading like wildfire all across America.

And as more and more Americans realize I am the only true constitutional conservative in this race, my campaign to Restore America Now is only going to get stronger.

That’s why I’m personally asking you to help me achieve VICTORY in key early primary and caucus states by signing up to Phone From Home.

Here’s how it works.

My campaign has a list of voters in these upcoming important primary and caucus states.

You’ll just logon to my campaign’s website, call through the names as you are able and then enter information into our system.

My campaign will provide you with a script and everything.

With our state-of-the-art Phone From Home system, making calls to targeted voters has never been so easy.

But it’s critical that as many of my supporters sign up to make calls as possible.

Even if you only have a few minutes each week, participating in our Phone From Home program is the best way YOU can help elect me the next President of the United States.

And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to do so!

So can I count on you to sign up to Phone From Home? Please sign up IMMEDIATELY.

Together, you and I can Restore America Now!

For Liberty,


Ron PaulP.S. I’m pleased to announce the start of my Phone From Home program in key early primary and caucus states.

Making phone calls to targeted voters in these states is the best way you can help me WIN.

So please, help me Restore America Now by signing up to participate in my campaign’s Phone From Home Program.

Jason Rink is the Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Voice. Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul. See more of his work at his writing at and his film production work at

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