PJTV: The Power & Danger of Iconography

Hat tip: PJTV

Barack Obama ran an unprecedented Presidential campaign – utilizing the power of design to help secure the seat of the President of the United States of America. However, his iconic emblem, the ever present “O”, holds more power than even Obama knows. Bill Whittle points out the dangers of branding an ideology with an icon and how, perhaps, the powerful symbol will be used against the very man it built up.

In this video, PJTV takes a somewhat naive view of these icons, but the message holds some very powerful truths.

One (of the many) icons Whittle mentions, was not analyzed, but would be an interesting subject: the GOP elephant. Why were the stars turned upside down in 2000? This is the old Republican icon:

This is the new symbol of the GOP:

It would appear that symbols can in fact tell us a lot.

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