Pinocchio Pat Tiberi

Pat Tiberi never bothered to sign the We Believe “no sleaze” pledge because Pinocchio Pat knows he will say and do anything to stay in office…and Pinocchio Pat has the voting and campaign contribution record to prove it. Of course, it is far easier to go on the offensive with only 5 days left in the campaign–I mean, otherwise facts may enter into the discussion!!!! Pat doesn’t like those. So here is Robinson’s response to Tiberi’s offensive attack of  lies.

**It is important to note that The Liberty Voice does not endorse candidates, however, our mission is to give voice to the silenced.

Pat Tiberi has taken three times more corporate contributions into his own campaign coffers than he has earmarked for the benefit of the 12th during the same time period.  On the other hand, David Robinson is unable to broadcast costly television campaign ads and mail due to his grassroots base of support we are posting his response to inform voters of the truth of the matter.

Will the real Pinocchio please stand up–



Pat Tiberi is nervous. The public is finally catching on to his inadequate representation and he’s now facing electoral defeat. So what’s his strategy? He sends out a mass mailing that calls David Robinson—are you ready?—he calls him Pinocchio.  Wow, that’s harsh.   He is referring to claim that the Disabled American Veterans gave Tiberi a failing grade in 2007. The explanation is simple: Tiberi was not rated with a failing grade that ONE year.  He was given a failing grade for FOUR years in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.  Whoops.  Apparently, Tiberi wants us to correct the record.  He didn’t fail that one year; instead, he failed for four, or, half of his time in Congress.  Here’s the link to the public record of fact: Oh, and the complaint filed on this issue by one of his supporters?  It was dismissed.  The Ohio Elections Commission didn’t find merit in it. So what’s the background here?  Read the full explanation…

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