A Vote Is an Endorsement

Right now, I am considerably more concerned with the US Congress–12th District race than which Republicrat is elected President.  Statistically, we each have 435 times greater likelihood of influencing our Congressman than our President.

The people’s House must be taken back– by leaders who speak for the people. In the US Constitution, the House of Representatives was structured to be the people’s bridge to Washington.  But with Tiberi as “our Congressman” we have a bridge to nowhere.

As a past supporter of incumbent Pat Tiberi, I take a particular responsibility in unseating him based on his many gross Constitutional violations.

Is this personal?

Actually, it is. It’s personal because I gave him my trust.  It’s personal because I gave him my money.  And it’s personal because I gave him my vote–the most precious of all these things.

I consider a vote an endorsement, and though I could have kept that great regret private, I have decided to publicly rescind my vote of confidence in the hope that others will do the same.

People let you down.  That’s life, but I refuse to be abused by my own Congressman.

And he did abuse me (as he did all the citizens of the twelfth–whether they realize it or not) when he repeatedly violated his oath to the Constitution.  His one job description–to “defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” he has failed to maintain.  Judging from his irresponsible votes, Tiberi himself should be openly named as an enemy of the Constitution.  Now that we have seen his repeated violations against the Constitution through his endorsement for 100-year war, for passing the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act, the Real ID Act, FISA and soooo many others, we must send out a clear “Tiberi, You’re FIRED” message so that subsequent congressman will be warned against similar violations.

It seems that all of Washington is bent on destroying our founding document in this post-9/11 America, but we can’t let any of them get away with it.

So while The Liberty Voice typically concentrates on national issues–-we will also cover our local all-American, David vs. Goliath battle.  The ballot will include incumbent Pat Tiberi-–a Bush rubber-stamper, and the first-time challengers Democrat David Robinson and Libertarian Steve Linnabary.*

Thanks for reading,

sherry clark

*Linnabary never submitted the usual signatures which has historically been a minimum requirement to appear on a ballot.  He will appear on the ballot for this race as a result of the Southern District Federal Court ruling in the case Libertarian Party of Ohio vs. Jennifer Brunner, Secretary of State.

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