Ohio appeals court again sides with hospital seeking to send Amish girl back to chemotherapy

chemotherapyWho owns your children?  For an Amish family in Ohio, it’s the State…on behalf of the Medical-Industrial Complex.  While some might argue that, under the circumstances, parents should be forced to comply for the benefit of the child.  However, considering that doctors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, I think I’ll take my chances with natural remedies.

From the article:

An appeals court has sided again with an Ohio hospital that wants to force a 10-year-old Amish girl to resume chemotherapy after her parents decided to stop the treatments.

The court ruled that an attorney who’s also a registered nurse should be granted limited guardianship over the girl, Sarah Hershberger, and the power to make medical decisions for her.

Doctors at Akron Children’s Hospital believe Sarah’s leukemia is treatable but says she will die without chemotherapy. The hospital went to court after the family decided to stop chemotherapy and treat Sarah with natural medicines, such as herbs and vitamins

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