“Occupy Wall Street” now in 25 cities

(CBS News)  The movement known as “Occupy Wall Street” has spread far beyond its starting point in lower Manhattan. CBS News correspondent Bigad Shaban reports that it now has offshoots in 25 cities nationwide, and political leaders from both sides are weighing in.

From D.C. to Alabama to Portland, demonstrators protest everything from corporate greed to joblessness to economic inequality.

Back in N.Y., 39-year-old Jesse LaGreca is one of the more prominent voices.

“You’ve got people here being told they need to face a lower standard of living, that we can’t pay the wages that we used to enjoy, that the promises that were made to our grandparents are going to be broken,” LaGreca said.

World War II veteran Edward Davis and his wife, Esther, are both in their 80s, and remember marching for equality during the civil rights movement. This, they say, is just as historic for struggling Americans.

“Not only the young but the middle class and older people, it hurts, it hurts to see all of these young people — you know, graduating and can’t get a job,” Esther said.

“The greatest country in the world, you know, that people should be wondering what is going to be tomorrow, something is wrong,” Edward said.


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