Mechanized Imperialism

The drone wars – (also see this Vancouver Sun Article -B)

by , September 23, 2011

The Obama administration has found a good way to avoid both the domestic political and international fallout that comes of waging constant warfare: let machines do thedirty work. Of course, the Obamaites don’t get the full credit for the discovery – drone  attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan were part of the Bush team‘s strategic plan, but the Obama White House has gone much further in utilizing this tactic to escalate and extend American military operations around the world, and they’re doing it in secret – without congressional oversight, without public debate, and without the knowledge or consent of the American people.

The theater of operations is vast – potentially as vast as the world itself, given the rationale of pursing “terrorists” wherever they might be detected – and, so far, the range extends from the tribal regions of Pakistan to the African savannah, where pilotless “Reapers” take off from airfields in Ethiopia and Djibouti in search of prey. According to reports, US bases have also been established in Saudi Arabia and the Seychelles for this purpose. The latter, I hear, are quite happy about what this has done for local business: Americans may be standing in the unemployment lines, while their taxes go to fund endless war, but the Seychellois are in relatively good shape these days.

In any case, the latest targets of these unmanned killer-drones are located, as far as we know, in Somalia, where the Islamic group al-Shabab is alleged to have some vague ties to al-Qaeda. But that’s just what they’re telling us: because this is a secret war, we don’t know the real targets. It is highly likely, however, that among those targets are numerous rebel groups rising against the tyranny of Ethiopian “president”Meles Zenawi.

Zenawi is a former Marxist-Leninist guerrilla leader whose repressive government hasslaughtered minority groups, outlawed the opposition, stolen “elections,” and instituted a reign of terror in the country. It won’t be long now before we see groups like the Oromo Liberation Front and other armed opponents of the regime labeled “terrorist” allies of al-Qaeda. Just as Afghan tribal chieftains give misleading “intelligence” to US forces in order to target rival clans, so we can expect the same – albeit on a larger scale – in Africa. This is part of the price we pay for Zenawi allowing a US base on…


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