May Edition of The Liberty Voice is Published!

We hope you will enjoy the May edition of The Liberty Voice. This is the first issue that has been printed solely out of our subscription revenue. Considering we are a free newspaper that doesn’t accept any paid advertising, that is really quite extraordinary.

The front page is all about the Constitution…where we are winning and where we should LOOK OUT with the stories, “Supreme Court Limits Police Ability to Search Your Car” and “Target: The Second Amendment.”

Other stories include:

Torture Probably Killed More Americans than 9/11
Got a Hopeover? Disheartened Obama Fan Dictionary
Children Victimized by US Torture
Prosecute the Tortures MURDERERS!
Blood & Gore: ‘War on Carbon’ Profiteers
Homeland Security Decides Swine Flu Quarantine Protocol
Scandals Poison Baxter H1N1 Vaccine Concerns
Monsanto sues Germany to Force GM Food: a Study of Megalomania
Swine-One-One! Flying Pigs, Tamiflu & Stench of Manure
Depleted Uranium — Worse than Saddam
U.S. Cybersecurity Used as Pretext to Shut Down Internet
The Tower of Basel: Secretive Plans for the Issuing of a Global Currency
Turning the Tables on Wall Street
Commencement Address 2009

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