Luke Rudkowski interview with “Three Weeks In September” before arrest

On March 28th, while on location in New York City, we had the opportunity to speak with Luke Rudkowski, founder of We Are Change, about his thoughts on 9/11 First Responder health issues. Luke and the other members of We Are Change NY regularly gather at Ground Zero to speak about a number of 9/11 related issues. One of those issues is the health care crisis which now faces tens of thousands of 9/11 First Responders.

There is no question that Luke Rudkowski is a passionate advocate for 9/11 First Responders and his organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars to benefit them. While considered “extreme” by some in his efforts to raise issues about 9/11 related issues, their is no doubt that Rudkowski has had a broad reaching effect through his activism. We Are Change has grown from a single small grassroots organization in New York to one with membership chapters across the United States and many foreign countries. Through their ongoing efforts to educate and inform the public at large, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have learned about the health issues now facing 9/11 First Responders.

The excerpts of our interview above were shot just hours before Luke Rudkowski and two additional members of We Are Change were arrested for attempting to question NYC Mayor Bloomberg about his position on 9/11 First Responder health care and related legislation now pending before the Congress of the United States. Rudkowski is a regular contributing reporter to a number of web based media outlets and had intended to release his interview findings for broadcast on those outlets thereby reaching a potential audience of millions. For his efforts at exercising his First Amendment Rights, Rudkowski and the others were arrested on charges of criminal trespass and impersonating reporters.

The cameras and video evidence they had gathered to document their press related efforts were confiscated at the time of their arrest. You can find out more about Luke’s arrest and what lead up to it by tuning into his Live Web cast at on Sunday, April 5th, at 4pm Eastern Time. Among several topics on the show, he plans to discuss the latest developments related to the March 28th arrest.We will also continue to follow this story and update regularly on new developments.

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