Live Free Now featuring Guest Host Catherine Bleish

Episode #37 Hosted by John Bush w/ special guest host Catherine Bleish

In this episode, Cat and John chat about their adventures at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market trading silver for veggies.  We get in to the specter of “white al-qeada” with the latest DHS propaganda, we celebrate Pete and Ademo’s victory in MA, and yes of course, as always, there’s Too Much Government News!

Join us as we discuss………

– Cat and John attended the Sunset Valley Farmers Market and managed to trade some silver for vegetables!  Real Money for Real Food!  If you too want to trade silver for veggies here in Central Texas check out our friends at!  Next week Cat and John will be trading their labor for veggies atJohnson’s Backyard Garden!  Avoid the FRN at all costs!!!

Visit if you want to invest in sound money!

– The Department of Homeland Security has Partnered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to bring us some propaganda geared at inverting the anti-terror apparatus and directing at everyday patriotic Americans.

– Pete and Ademo of and found not guilty for felony wiretapping charges!!!!!

And of course we cover Too Much Government News – YEAH! [Sponsored by Enerfood!]

Yet again a child’s Lemonade stand is shut down! This time in Texas.  :-(

Now that’s Too Much Government!


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– Enerfood

– Capital Coin and Bullion

– The Foundation for a Free Society

– Brave New Books

– Liberty Stickers

– Pure Rain


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