Live Free Now Featuring Ademo Freeman

Live Free Now Featuring Ademo Freeman

July 13, 2011 By John Bush Leave a Comment

Episode #34 Hosted by John Bush with guest host Catherine Bleish

John Bush is joined by Catherine “The MIAC Destroyer” Bleish in this week’s show which is all about the importance of mutually beneficial voluntary associations.  We chat with Ademo Freeman of Liberty on Tour and Cop Block about Voluntaryism, holding cops accountable, and staying free.  There’s also too much government news, and some Fourth of July freedom fun!

Join us as we discuss……..

– John and Cat recap their week of living free up in Free State of New Hampshire at PorcFest 2011!

– Texas Leadership betrays the people of Texas – Simpson’s anti-groping bill dies in House

Watch his impassioned speech on the house floor –

We chat with Ademo Freeman of Liberty on Tour and Cop Block about Voluntaryism, the nuts and bolts of a free society, and his work holding police accountable and staying out of trouble.

– Cat Bleish breaks it down on her contempt for WalMart….You gotta hear this rant!

And of course we cover Too Much Government News – YEAH! [Sponsored by Enerfood!]

Self Sufficient British family getting kicked off of land because they are not sustainable enough!

Now that’s Too Much Government!


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– Enerfood

– Capital Coin and Bullion

The Foundation for a Free Society

Brave New Books

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