Liberty Voice Podcast with Michael Shaw on Agenda 21

Featured Guest Michael Shaw

Hosted By: John Bush and Jason Rink.


Join us as we discuss……..The Dismal American Economy, Agenda 21 w/ Michael Shaw, and even more Too Much Government News!

The New Normal – The Dismal American Economy!

1 out of every 8 Americans are enrolled in the Food Stamp Program

It takes the average unemployed American over 8 months to find a job

28% of all US households have at least one person looking for a full time job

1 out of every 7 mortgages is either delinquent or in foreclosure

1 in 6 Americans is being served by at least one government anti-program

Solution – Transfer Wealth?

Take from the rich to help the poor?

No – when you take money from one group of people to another group of people you create the need for a shady middle man (government) to help his friends and hurt everybody else!

The answer? As usual, it’s freedom!

Government, stay the hell out of it! Let the economy correct itself! Let the private sector supply the jobs where they are needed. Stop killing the private sector by growing the public sector!

Stop the cycle of perpetual economic destruction that occurs when government problems are exacerbated by government solutions.

Ex. – Healthcare Bill will hurt small businesses who cannot afford to supply coverage to employees and may heave to let some go.

Ex. – Minimum Wage keeps those willing to work for smaller wages out of work. Making $5.00 an hour is far preferable to marketing $0.00 an hour. Markets will provide goods and services for new buying market. Think about it, if ten employees

Sorry America, Your taxes are going up! – Barry Obama is a liar!

Taxes are already going up per the Healthcare bill.

How about an income tax Holiday?

Interview about Agenda 21 with Michael Shaw of

What is Agenda 21?

A global to local action plan for the creating of world government which has no regard and no recognition of an individual’s unalienable right to life, liberty, and property.

Agenda 21 calls for population reduction worldwide to 1 billion people.

Agenda 21 calls for the abolition of private property.

Agenda 21 calls for education for global citizenship.

Agenda 21 calls for eliminating United States Sovereignty

Agenda 21 calls for destroying our republican form of government in America

How is Agenda 21 carried out at the local level?

Sustainability policy is the local action plan of Agenda 21.

How have they managed to have flown under the radar?

Our leaders support globalism and happily implement it.
The media supports globalism and happily sells it us.

What is the International Democrat Union?

They work for the adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Rights in which rights are granted by the state and not inherent in human nature. A government that can grant rights, can take them away!

Smart Growth Communities are Free Speech Zones! In October, John and Michael got ran out of the Domain luxury mall for exercising their First Amendment Rights! Smart Growth Developments are generally Public – Private Partnerships and as such they are constitution free zones!

PPP = Fascism
Social Justice = Socialism
Fascism + Socialism = Bye Bye Liberty!

Also while Michael was in town, Michael and John met the Austin Sustainability Chief, Lucia Athens. We asked her about the global depopulation aspects of Agenda 21 and she affirmed their existence and stated that she did not agree with it. However, she continues to implement Agenda 21 in Austin.

What is the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives?

Working closely with the UN and local communities, ICLEI works to implement smart growth and climate protection schemes. They contract with over 600 Americans cities and deceitfully subvert American representative government in furthering the sustainable development and Agenda 21 plans.

ICLEI violates Article 1 Section 10 – Cities are making agreements with foreign bodies backed by foreign and international governments!

John is grateful that the Tea Party movement is finally able to see that Cap and Trade is being carried out at the local level and it is all part of Agenda 21.

Just recently activists in Edmonton, a small town in Oklahoma, busted up the consensus process at a Sustainability implementation meeting. It turns out the City had to sign up with ICLEI in order to get grant funds!

Edmond Sustainability Meeting Ended Shortly

Too Much Government News!

Government seeks monopoly on the sale of Cats and Dogs in Austin

“The first part is the revision of the pet trader portion to make it more enforceable. The second part is the part that prohibits the sale of cats and dogs at a location other than where they are bred.
The proposed ordinance clarifies definitions and the requirements for pet microchipping and sterilization. The proposed ordinance also establishes a minimum fine for an offense.”

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