Liberty Voice Podcast featuring Thomas Woods

Episode #23 Featured Guest Dr. Thomas Woods

Hosted By: Jason Rink and John Bush

Join us as we discuss…

Is the Federal Government Gonna Shut Down? We hope so!

Be sure to join John and Jason at Nullify Now this Saturday April 16th!!

Nazis visit the Texas Capitol to show their support for checkpoints, Senate Bill 9, and Senator Tommy Williams.


In America, are we freer now than we were 200 years ago? – Tyranny and government intrusion is at an all time high. How far will they go? Where do you draw the line?

We interview Dr. Tom Woods about his new book Rollback, the Mark Levin quarrel on Presidential War Powers, and solutions to overcome the statist quo.

The Tom Woods Smackdown of Mark Levin:

We chat about We Texans Debra Medina’s new effort dedicated to property rights, gun rights, and individual liberty.

Too Much Government News – YEAH! – brought to you by Enerfood

“Novella Carpenter took over a vacant lot on a hardscrabble corner of West Oakland eight years ago and turned it into a working farm of vegetables, goats, rabbits and, sometimes, pigs.

Carpenter milked goats, made cheese and ate much of the produce. She also wrote a popular book, “Farm City,” about the experience and became an icon of the Bay Area’s urban farming movement.

But the future of her Ghost Town Farm is in question. This week, Oakland officials suggested it may need to close. The reason: She sells excess produce and needs a costly permit to do so.”

Now that’s too much government!

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