Liberty Voice Podcast featuring Thomas DiLorenzo


Episode #18 Featured Thomas DiLorenzo

Hosted By: Jason Rink.

Join us as we discuss…..

Jason rides solo on this one as John and Catherine had a run-in with the TSA on the way back from California. Watch this video from the train home to find out what went down:

Rink discussed the Campus Conceal Carry Bill that may just pass in Texas this session!

Jason is joined by Chris Littleton of the Ohio Liberty Council to chat about the collective bargaining debacle in Wisconsin

Interview with Thomas DiLorenzo

DiLorenzo authored the books The Real Lincoln and Lincoln Unmasked, which expose the realities of the tyrant Abraham Lincoln.

Tune in to the show to learn the truth behind “Honest Abe”!

A review of The Real Lincoln:

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Jason Rink is the Editor-in-Chief of The Liberty Voice. Executive Director of the Foundation for a Free Society. He is the producer and director of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, and the author of “Ron Paul: Father of the Tea Party” the biography of Congressman Ron Paul. See more of his work at his writing at and his film production work at

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