Liberty Voice Podcast featuring Terri Hall

Episode #22 Featured Guest Terri Hall

Hosted By: Jason Rink and John Bush

Join us as we discuss…

Prosecutor wants Willie Nelson to play “Blue Skies Crying in the Rain” in order to avoid proesecution.

No – Victim. No – Crime – Leave Willie the hell alone!

Once again, marijuana prohibition is yet another example of government providing monopolies for a privileged corporations.

We interview Terri Hall of Texas TURF!

We chat about public-private partnerships, regional mobility authorities, and kicking butt during the 2011 Legislative Session.

Remember the Trans Texas Corridor? Terri has been kicking its ass for years now. Here is news about the latest push back!

Check out the Grassroots Activist Center for info on good and bad bills this session!

Too Much Government News – Yeah!

Was a Detroit mother right to resist efforts by Child Protective Services, police to take her child?


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