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Another Reagan Is On the Horizon! – Rick Perry?

Conservatives across Texas and America are looking for the next Reagan to take the presidency and solve all of our nation’s problems.

Is Rick Perry the next Reagan? Does that mean that he is going to be another BIG GOVERNEMNT conservative?

Rick Perry the Big Government Pimp!

1)         TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR and the gargantuan, multi-billion dollar toll road fiasco and its “Comprehensive Development Agreements” (CDAs). The TTC and the toll roads are the biggest TAXING, SPENDING, BORROWING AND TOLLING increase in the history of Texas!

2)         How about that BUSINESS MARGINS TAX that Big Government Pimp Rick Perry pushed through in 2007?

3)         Big Government Pimp Rick Perry tried to mandate that all the young girls in Texas be FORCED to take an HPV vaccine!

Was Reagan a Conservative?

Through Greenspan and Reagan we saw an increase in the Social Security Tax from 9.35% to 15.3%. – The idea was that we were supposed to get that money back, but the state has spent almost all of the social security money!


“The budget for the Department of Education, which candidate Reagan promised to abolish along with the Department of Energy, has more than doubled to $22.7 billion, Social Security spending has risen from $179 billion in 1981 to $269 billion in 1986. The price of farm programs went from $21.4 billion in 1981 to $51.4 billion in 1987, a 140% increase. And this doesn’t count the recently signed $4 billion “drought-relief” measure. Medicare spending in 1981 was $43.5 billion; in 1987 it hit $80 billion. Federal entitlements cost $197.1 billion in 1981—and $477 billion in 1987.

Foreign aid has also risen, from $10 billion to $22 billion. Every year, Reagan asked for more foreign-aid money than the Congress was willing to spend. He also pushed through Congress an $8.4 billion increase in the U.S. “contribution” to the International Monetary Fund.”

Hey Tea Party – If you want to cut spending – CUT DEFENSE SPENDING – ITS OUT OF CONTROL!

The TSA and Problem, Reaction, Solution

Why the extensive coverage of the TSA Body Scanner outrage?

Could the man be encouraging Americans to get so mad about the body scanners that they willing accept a biometric safe flier program?

Problem/Thesis – The body scanners and pat downs are overly intrusive

Reaction/Antithesis – The people are pissed!

Solution/Synthesis – Let us scan your face!

Say hello to the CLEAR program, recently re-launched!

“An opt-in program that charges airline passengers to bypass airport security lines is being resuscitated more than two years after its abrupt shutdown. The CLEAR program re-launched in Orlando last week, and is preparing to start up in Denver.

After submitting fingerprints and iris scans, members are issued a CLEAR card with these biometric data. Kiosks at participating airports then allow them to confirm their identity and “speed through security.””

Interview w/ Jack Spirko of The Survival

Jack grew up on the “old school philosophy” – i.e. hunting, fishing, primitive skills, and fiscal sanity.

Jack grew up, became successful, and ended up in debt.  He realized he had lost touch with roots and took it back to the old school!  Since then he has become an expert in modern survivalism and begun sharing his wisdom and philosophy with the world via a hugely successful podcast.

Modern Survivalism – “Everything we do today to prepare for disaster tomorrow should make our lives better even if nothing goes wrong!”  – Spirko

We talk about trends towards self sufficiency, the importance of community, and Senate Bill 510, the Food Modernization Act!

Homegrown revolution – Growing food is a revolutionary act!

We chat about the Kitchenistas in NYC who are wholly dependent on the supply chain for food!

Check out SB510

From on SB 510 and the Tester Amendment

Check out for some great info about modern survivalism, self sufficiency, and self reliance.

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