Liberty Voice Podcast featuring Doug Simons

Episode #27 Featured Guest Doug Simons

Hosted By: Jason Rink and John Bush

Keeping in line with the idea of living free NOW, Rink and Bush chat with Doug Simons, a wilderness adventurer who has amazing insights on natural and herbal dental health remedies. Also covered is the latest news on Osama’s death, Ron Paul shaking up the first GOP debate, and of course, Too Much Government News!

Join us as we discuss……

– Osama is dead? We are saved! We chat about Paul Craig Robert’s take on the matter.

– As expected, here comes the police state, scanners at soft targets to appear.

– Should Heroin be legal? Ron Paul gives a consistent yet controversial answer at the 1st GOP debate in S.C. Rink weighs in.

We chat with Doug Simons, natural herbal dentist

Doug Simons has lived very primitively for over 20 years in the Gila Wilderness, taking his nourishment directly from the earth, connecting with animals, and working with plant spirits. Doug is a real medicine man with some amazingly simple and powerful wisdom. Doug will be teaching a workshop in the Central Texas area on how to deal with everything from basic hygiene to handling tooth abscesses without ever going to a Dentist. The workshop is on May 15, 2011. Go to for more info and to register.

– And of course we cover Too Much Government News – YEAH! [Sponsored by Enerfood!]

Campus Police go police state on a campus block party, parents are outraged about use of pepper spray.


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