Liberty Voice Candidates Prevail in Primary

by sherry mann

Following the announcement of candidates who met the signature requirements to run in various area races, we contacted a few of the most liberty minded candidates to offer them a unique advertising opportunity. For very little cost these candidates were invited to submit articles on the subject of their own passions, and these were included in our January print edition. Other candidates heard about the opportunity, and we did not refuse to include any candidates who contacted us.

We are pleased to share the results of “our” candidates’ efforts.  (The candidates who have links are the ones who participated in the opportunity.)

U.S. Representative – District 15 (C)

Ryon, David (C) 51.26%
Macisco, Chris (C) 48.74%

Governor/Lieutenant Governor (L)

Ken Matesz, Margaret Ann Leech (L) 100.00% 4,255

U.S. Representative – District 12 (L)

Irvine, Travis (L) 60.54% 339
Florek, Eddie (L) 39.46% 221

State Representative – District 02 (R)

Brenner, Andrew (R) 24.42% 4,162
Schweitzer, Craig* (R) 22.77% 3,880
Lear, Beth (R) 22.32% 3,803
Saliba, Traci (R) 13.61% 2,319
Phillips, Mark (R) 8.60% 1,465
Mayle, Jeffery (R) 8.29% 1,413

* Although Craig Schweitzer did not win, his impressive showing is notewothy considering he is a first time candidate who beat out Traci Saliba, a 17-year political veteran in Delaware county, Mark Phillips, a Delaware area attorney, Beth Lear, who worked as a legislative aide for nearly a decade which includes her educational issue work at the Buckeye Institute and Jeffery Mayle who ran in the Republican primary against Kris Jordan in March 2008.  Though Mayle was defeated in 2008 by the widely known and popular Jordan, he took 30.33 percent of the vote.

Schweitzer lost to Andrew Brenner with just a 1%+ spread.  Brenner is a political veteran and won the difficult four-way 2004 County Recorder race.  His wife Sara Marie serves as a Powell City Councilman.

Congratulations to these liberty-minded candidates.  We wish them much continued success!

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