Liberty is the Word

Brits say, “We’ve been apathetic for years, and we only have ourselves to blame for it.” They hope we can learn from their mistakes.

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  1. solemnsovereign

    January 24, 2009 at 4:13 am

    Black’s Law Dictionary:
    liberty. 2. A right, privilege, or immunity enjoyed by prescription or by grant.

    Black’s Law Dictionary:
    free. 2. Not subject to the constraint or domination of another. 6. Unrestricted and unregulated.
    Liberty is what a commander grants his men, or a parent gives a child. It’s limited and conditional.
    A man who seeks liberty has already lost his freedom, and a man who is free can only loose his freedom by consent.
    Subjects must look to their government to codify their liberty on paper, but sovereigns must often fight government to keep freedom which God wrote upon their hearts.
    Now; regarding the crime issue, the remedy is as simple as it is obvious. Let the government keep their statutes, and let the people hear their hearts!
      Sovereign, or slave? You decide for you. As for me?

                        Lock and Load!      

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