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Latest Edition (April/May 2010)

Thanks so much for the latest edition of The Liberty Voice. Sherry’s article was heartfelt and brought tears to my eyes. Paul Craig Roberts remains one of the greatest truth-tellers and honest statesmen of our troubled times.

Thanks for telling it like it is. If only all propagandized Americans would awaken to the truth, as told by The Liberty Voice.

Dave Kessler

Ohio’s Insurance Against Runaway Inflation
February 3, 2010

The most recent economic crisis has set in motion a series of events that may wipe out the value of U.S. Dollar.

In order to save the economy, the Fed has injected trillions of dollars into the markets, and now banks have hundreds of billions of dollars sitting as excess reserves at the Federal Reserve, collecting interest, that has the potential to expand 10 times via the money multiplier. If the banks lend these reserves out, it would devastate the economy with massive inflation and widespread misallocation of labor and capital would ensue. Anticipating the effects of perpetual government ineptitude, the Ohio Freedom Alliance (OFA) founded the Ohio Honest Money Project (OHMP).

OHMP is not only a solution to the anticipated high inflationary environment to come, but it is also a first step towards ending the recurrent boom-bust cycle. OHMP has three steps in the process of returning honest money to Ohio.

The first step is to repeal the sales tax on gold and silver. Gold and silver are what the Founding Fathers intended our currency to be composed of, and the advantage to such a currency is that you cannot create endless amounts of it, unlike fiat paper money. Removing the sales tax on gold and silver is an important first step towards introducing honest money in Ohio, because you cannot have a tax for exchanging money. For example, sales tax on gold and silver is like taxing a man who exchanges his dollar bill for four quarters; it doesn’t make any sense.

The second step in OHMP is getting people to take possession of and transact in gold and silver coin or certificates. If the Fed is unable to withdraw the monetary stimulus and inflation picks up, people holding gold and silver and transacting in it will readily witness the depreciation of their dollar’s purchasing power and the stability in the purchasing power of their gold and silver.

The final step in OHMP is to put in force legislation embedded with triggers. These triggers would nullify legal tender laws in the state of Ohio. Nullification of legal tender laws would reverse Gresham’s Law where bad money drives out good money from circulation.

The triggers that the OFA proposes for the legislation are a currency devaluation trigger and a regional or world monetary union trigger. The currency devaluation trigger would declare legal tender laws in the state of Ohio null and void, if the value of the dollar fell below a certain point on a index (such as a currency index). The regional or world monetary union trigger would have the same effect, if the United States joined a monetary union composed of other countries (e.g., a European Union type organization).

Ultimately, Ohioans will have to decide whether they want to continue to trust politicians in Washington with their economic future or take matters into their own hands by legalizing a hard money currency in Ohio, to compete freely with the depreciating Federal Reserve notes. One path leads to more control and theft of purchasing power and the other leads to more freedom and economic stability.

Geoffrey S. Shough
Ohio Freedom Alliance

Dear Sir,

I would like to write a few lines here, to let you know that I really enjoy reading your small, but very opinionated paper. It’s not very uplifting to read about the situation so many of us are in. along with our government and the way they have been conducting business. But I appreciate your bluntness!  I don’t like things that are sugar-coated! We have too much of that already. I look forward to every new publication and to read a different perspective on topics at hand. Enough said for now.

Keep up the good work! don’t let the big guys try to stamp you out!

Jack A.

P.S….I hope this check helps your voice continue to be heard!…Just a donation.

Who Still is Missing the Point?

I enjoy reading every ones opinion in the letters to the editor section of ours and many other local newspapers. Most of the letters unfortunately are superficial and don’t seem to grasp what is “TRULY” at stake here in America. Most complain of specific issues relating to health care, energy, war on terror, etc. While all of these are valid concerns, these are problems that wont be resolved by McCain or Obama. Most of the time, the letters blame or support the 2 major parties, or as I seem them, the Republi-Crat’s. The flip flopping on issues by both parties and candidates are too numerous for this letter, but anyone who “truly” does fact checking can certainly see the “McBama” is four more years of the same or worse. We would like to think that the 3 branches of Congress would do their jobs to insure the checks and balances of government “DO NOT” usurp the powers of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly, they have failed repeatedly. Tell Washington their fired by voting for Chuck Baldwin (Baldwin08.com). The Constitution Party(ConstitutionParty.com) will inspire you as it has many, about the greatness of our Republic, the absolute genius of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our government has failed the American people ever since they passed the 16th Amendment and gave control of our wealth to the illegal Federal Reserve (Thanks Woodrow)! Maybe it’s time America stops looking so far into the future and looks back to our glorious beginning.

Andy Myers

Dear Editor,

I can’t even begin to tell you how glad I was when I discovered your paper. I moved to the US recently and could not believe what I saw. I still can’t, really. People who say they are pro-life but are happy to send other people to their deaths, whether by injection or in combat, in a war that doesn’t make any sense. They keep banging their chest that they are FOR LIFE and don’t even count the number of people they kill – over 1.000.000 and rising in Iraq. ONE MILLION.

I was really disappointed that even the democrats, even Obama, who actually seems like a cool guy, won’t go there. Everybody’s in on this big national self-deceit, talking about victory in Iraq and ObL as if he was still alive. I swear the last time I saw a character like this was in 1984, in the two minutes of hate sessions:  This book was written 60 years ago. I guess Cheney et al must have read it. And they liked it.

It sounds crazy, but people here really don’t want to hear the truth. That every war the US was involved in since WW2 was based on lies. And as the 20th century and the cold war ended, we thought this madness would finally end. But it only got worse – and by then the systematic lack of education has created this horde, that swallows everything these criminals put in front of it: Afghanistan, Iraq, the ‘bailout’ and G*d only knows what more they have up their sleeves.

I know how it is – I’ve lost hard earned friendships in this country over little comments. I thought we could talk about these things and the next thing I know is that they are yelling at me that I’m a damn liar. There’s nothing more scary that when the truth becomes a ‘conspiracy theory’ if you’re lucky, and treason is you’re not. This is why I admire your paper, and your work.

I’ll let you know if I find a place that could host the paper.

Anony Panya

Dear Editor,

I’ve picked up a couple of issues of The Liberty Voice at my local public library recently.

The first one left me scratching my head. Some of the articles seemed right on, others seemed off the wall. I asked a few friends if they knew anything about the paper – nobody did – and I forgot about it.

This second issue (January, 2009) is similarly perplexing, and kooky, and misguided. The cover story, “The Year Was 2009 – Or Is It 1932?” is good and so is “What Happened To The American Dream?” and most of “Exhausting Our Hope.” But “Barack Obama’s Deadly Silence” is blatant anti-Semitism and so it “What Became Of Western Morality?” though more subtly and “Environmental Terrorism” is just wacko.

You’ve got some good stuff, so I’ll probably check you out again at least once or twice, but if you continue to print the anti-Semitic stuff and the crazy stuff, you’ve definitely lost this reader, and I’ll try to steer as many others as I can away from you too.

It’s a pity. Such a bizarre combination of real insight in so many articles, and raving lunacy in so many others! It’s like reading a newspaper published by schizophrenics!

Rod Clay
Westerville, OH

Mr. Clay,

Perhaps you should review your definition of “antisemitic“. Please quote even one line you have ever found in The Liberty Voice to be such.

We have distributed 175,000 papers since November of 2007. Not one person has ever found such a line. Although through [the all-to widespread] ignorance of the difference between anti-zionism and anti-semitism, we have been falsely labeled before, that doesn’t change the FACT that Israel is a country that influences US policy without benefit to US citizens–and is indeed harmful to our nation. If you can reconcile our current Israeli-American policies with our Founding Father’s writings, pray tell.

Again, you’d be the first.

As for the article, “Environmental Terrorism,” please cite even one fact that is incorrect, before you “judge” it to be “just wacko.” As Einstein said:

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

The Liberty Voice only prints what we find to be the most important stories. It also seeks to inspire the fortitude necessary for our readers to do something about what we have investigated for ourselves and have found to be true–though most are obviously absent from mainstream dialog. With this in mind, it matters little how you label the paper–what matters is if you can debunk any its facts. Furthermore, if you can not disprove groundbreaking articles like “Environmental Terrorism” –what matters even more, is what you will do to change the reality we all face. Thus, I would challenge that if you should find us to be accurate, will you inform others that they should read our paper?

“It’s a pity. Such a bizarre combination of real insight in so many articles, and raving lunacy in so many others! It’s like reading a newspaper published by schizophrenics!”

Perhaps if you investigated for yourself what we already understand, you’d appreciate our insights further and realize it’s only the world we are trying to present that is, in fact, raving mad!

Sherry (clark) Mann
Editor, The Liberty Voice

ps…We do sincerely appreciate your comments. Please stay in communication with us, but try to avoid generalizations and nonconstructive labels in the future. Let us focus instead on the facts at hand.

Dear Editor,

Some good will come from the current meltdown of the U.S. economy if it results in the replacement of the Federal Reserve System (privately owned). The government would then print money as the Constitution requires. President Woodrow Wilson went to his grave stating that he had betrayed his country in 1913 for his part in the establishment of the Federal Reserve which is controlled by a consortium of international bankers.

There are precedents for opposing the Fed. In 1837, President Andrew Jackson eliminated a similar private money system and returned to government printing. President Lincoln financed the Civil War by printing greenbacks. This could well have caused his assassination.

On June 4, 1963, President John Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 which directed the U.S. Treasury to issue paper certificates backed by silver held by the Treasury. These certificates directly challenged the authority of the Federal Reserve Bank to lend fiat (unbacked) money to the U.S. government at interest. Over 4 Billion dollars in $2 and $5 U.S. silver certificates were put into circulation. The $10 and $20 notes were being printed when Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. Shortly afterward, all silver certificates were removed from circulation and the program was discontinued.

When American people understood that the silver-backed notes were real money, demand for Federal Reserve notes would have evaporated. Trading goods and services with silver-backed U.S. notes is an exchange of value for value while trading goods and services for Fed. Reserve notes is trading value for pieces of paper.

How long are Americans going to put up with a Federal Reserve System whose notes, backed by nothing, have lost 97% of their value since 1913?  During that same period, silver has increased in value 10-fold and gold 50-fold.  Wouldn’t it be great if our money could hold its value?

Hank Joeger