Washington State Is Next in Obama’s New War on Pot

UPDATE: 6,800 plants, 43 arrests in ‘unprecedented’ WA pot raid

U.S. Attorneys in California continue to ratchet up rhetoric against the state’s booming medical marijuana dispensary industry, with news Wednesday that the chief federal prosecutor for San Diego is taking a hard look at advertising.

“I’m not just seeing print advertising,” prosecutor Laura E. Duffy told the nonprofit investigative California Watch and KQED. “I’m actually hearing radio and seeing TV advertising. It’s gone mainstream. Not only is it inappropriate — one has to wonder what kind of message we’re sending to our children — it’s against the law.”

This been a bad two weeks for medical marijuana, particularly in California, one of 15 states that allow it, including Washington State.

Earlier this month, the four top federal prosecutors in California announced they gave several dispensaries 45 days to shut din in a move to stop what Andre Birotte, the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles, called the “Costco-, Wal-Mart-type model that we see across California.”

Days earlier, the IRS ruled that Oakland’s Harborside collective, a pioneer in medical marijuana, cannot claim standard business deductions, crippling the financial infrastructure of dispensaries.

U.S. Attorneys under the Obama Administration have taken an increasingly belligerent approach, matching and even outpacing the George W. Bush Administration in clamping down…



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