I owe! I owe!, So it’s off to work I go

by David Tanguay

Hurry! Hurry! Push and shove

No time to spare – for a little love

Be sure you do not arrive late for work

Or your boss will truly go berserk

Do as your told, and don’t ask why

For their rules -you must abide by

You must not speak out of line

Or you may wind up – on the assembly line

If you want – to become a success

You must comply, – and always say – yes

You have not a mind of your own

Because you owe your soul to the savings and loan

So if you want to continue to eat

Your job and your life, you must keep discrete

For when you retire and your work is through

The government will tell you – just what to do

But when you die, – and you’re finally free in heaven

You’ll have no boss, to give you direction

Originally published on SearchWarp.com for David Tanguay Sunday, June 25, 2006
Article Source: I owe! I owe!, So it’s off to work I go (poem)

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