Foiled Obama Assissination Plot Gets Little US Coverage

Far away from the Democratic National Convention hype, USSR’s KGB successor, the Russian FSB uncovered an apparent plot to assassinate United States Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Barack Obama during his acceptance speech in Denver.

Information relayed to the FBI and other American intelligence officials from Russian military forces led to the arrests of four suspects on August 24, but as of August 29, that intelligence source is getting no coverage in the US mainstream media which credits Denver’s suburb Aurora police alone.

Allegedly, the plot was foiled after the FSB intercepted documents in the republic of Georgia, describing a project codenamed “Operation Drago.”  The assassination plot was allegedly engineered by a rogue element of high-ranking Israeli military officials as detailed in encrypted documents captured from retreating Georgian special forces troops trained in Israel.

Ironically, earlier this summer Libyan President Colonel Gaddafi suggested Senator Obama’s promises to pro-Israeli groups to not divide Jerusalem (as the native Palestinian population desire) were motivated by a fear of assassination by Israeli agents, “the same fate as [former US President John F.] Kennedy when he promised to look into Israel’s nuclear program,” according to the BBC.

The assassination plot allegedly involved a disinformation ploy to set up the members of an outlaw motorcycle gang, the ‘Sons of Silence,’ as the patsies described by the FBI as Neo-Nazis.
Suspect Tharin Robert Gartrell told US intelligence officials, that he and his co-conspirators which would have provided a clear and unobstructed shot at the podium. According to American media sources, the plot had little chance of success.

According to the LA Times, one of the men, 33-year old Shawn Adolph, reportedly “wore a ring with the Nazi swastika. He was injured when he jumped out of a hotel window fleeing Secret Service agents. All are now in custody on drug and weapons charges.”

The USA is ranked 48th on the World Press Freedom Index behind such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Nicaragua, the Czeck Republic, Romania, Chili and Taiwan.

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