WVKO Farewell?

The marketplace of ideas is being strangled.

After one year of service to the progressive community of Central Ohio with virtually no warning, and despite enormous support, Monday, December 22 will be the last day of progressive broadcasts at WVKO.

Six companies own 80% of our media outlets, but the majority of people “they serve” are not buying the conservative stations’ rhetoric. Latin Catholic masses and other Catholic programming will replace WVKO programming.

I can barely perceive the subtle message.

Make no mistake, this is not about money. It is not a business decision. It’s about perpetuating lies and silencing any dissenting voices–which heaven forbid–may contain kernels of truth.

Progressives are in the majority, yet in this action, we again witness that the progressive message threatens the corrupt conservative “reality” as advanced by media behemoths like Clear Channel and their “right-wing” media pundits.

On the “final edition” of the Blue State Diner, Michael Alwood moderated many callers, many of whom worked tirelessly for progressive causes, collectively bemoaning yet another loss of fact-based voices in the Columbus community. Dr. Bob Fitrakis of the Columbus Free Press also lent his deep understanding into the discussion.

Tom Over shared his desire for more “town hall” political dialog. Fitrakis agreed and invited everyone to join the Citizens’ Grassroots Congress at the new Columbus Free Press office on February 28, where the community will develop strategies so that we can work toward our common cause.

One of the callers reaffirmed the general sentiment that, “We will not take this lying down.”

After a local Lawyer, Tony called describing other options which would continue the progressive broadcasts of WVKO, another said, “Let’s do it.”

Until that day comes, The Liberty Voice bids a fond, “Good night and good luck” to all the good folks at WVKO and the station’s many supporters.

By working hard and sticking together to achieve our common purposes, we shall overcome.

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