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The “Divorce and Domestic Violence industry” is out of control and ruining the lives of millions of parents and children daily. It has been statistically proven that when both parents have equal custody rights children do enormously better by twenty six different measures. Equal rights and custody must be mandated unless there is real proof of harm to a child in front of a jury!

The divorce system has now evolved into nothing but a cash cow and power machine for lawyers, judges and other government bureaucrats. This system hurts families and children every day for its own convenience and profit. The system in place is ignoring the fundamental rights granted by the U.S. Constitution. The divorce and child custody has become an ILLEGAL kangaroo court in many cases that yield much prejudice against fathers. Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and has been proven to be very harmful to children and families.

Over 80% of custody awards are for sole custody and this has been proven the absolute WORST arrangement for children. Sole custody is the easiest and most profitable for lawyers and the states. Therefore it is a fact that divorce courts today are destroying millions of children’s chances of growing up in the best environment. The chance of divorce for a child later in life is 93% when raised in a sole-custody home.

State family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law and the many fundamental guarantees of the constitution. Family courts often go through the motions of pretending there is justice. Family courts often issue judgments without a trial or representation! They intimidate, drive people into relentless debt and tell people they “can’t win”. The powers that be are right because the game is rigged. Then the Federal Bradley Amendment forces non-custodial parents to accept punishment without fair and honest representation or regard for circumstances. The law has been constructed to deny parents personal civil rights for the profit of people in this FOR PROFIT government and legal system.

The U.S. declared itself independent from England because of tyranny. The tyranny of the law is hurting families for the financial gain of states, lawyers, judges and a spiraling government bureaucracy. Today non-custodial parents, mostly men, are treated like criminals or disregarded in these courts so that the judge can do as he or she pleases. The Bradley Amendment then permanently seals the oppression without the right to a court hearing or the ability to effect even reasonable change. This is often because the non-custodial parent is overburdened to the point that he/she is unable to afford legal representation. Pro-bono assistance is usually not available for family law regardless of the need. The suffering and degradation is relentless.

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