Did Steve Jobs Hate the State?

There are many clues that he just may have.

It appears that Jobs was an original gold bug. He recommended in 1979 that Grinnell College, where he was a trustee, invest in gold. This doesn’t make him a hater of the state, but it shows an early distrust of government created paper money. But, let’s continue on.

According to a recent disclosure report, Apple spent $560,000 lobbying the federal government in the first quarter of 2011, roughly one-third the amount that Google and Microsoft each spent in the same period. And Apple spent a good portion of its lobbying efforts fighting off the state, versus using the state to hinder its competitors.

The company’s first-quarter filing lists lobbying activity for “issues related to transportation of batteries.” That is, in April, the House of Representatives passed a bill protecting Apple and other electronics manufacturers from limitations that would classify lithium batteries as hazardous materials.

Apple also is part of the “Win America Campaign” lobbying group that is calling for tax breaks for corporations who repatriate offshore earnings.

Apple also signed up to a campaign against US government’s ability to inspect customer data on computers without warrant.

Overall a pretty damn solid anti-state lobbying stance.

And who can forget the video which…


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