David Ryon, Candidate for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District on Afghanistan policy

by David Ryon
2010 Constitution Party Candidate for Congress 15th Congressional District, Ohio
December 8, 2009

I firmly stand against increasing our presence in Afghanistan. I want to see our troops come home and the people of the Middle East liberated from foreign influence.

Our presence in Afghanistan will lead to something other than our common goals. Increasing the troop levels will effectively increase casualties of our daughters and sons serving in the military and innocent native people of the Middle East. According to U.N. reports over 2,200 Afghan civilians have been killed, and at least 849 U.S. soldiers have perished. It is not only a travesty that so many innocent people have died because of our actions, but the consequences that will result from this are just as ominous. Every minute we spend in Afghanistan we drastically threaten our own national security. Afghan public opinion has continuously plummeted during our occupation; polls published in early 2009 by ABC News, the BBC, and ARD show that now a slight majority of Afghans view the U.S unfavorably. Nine years ago this wasn’t’t the case. We are not helping the Afghan people; we are hurting them and exasperating them. If we continue this course, there will be blow-back and more lives will be lost.

In addition to the cost in human lives there is also a financial burden that quite frankly, we cannot afford. According to estimates provided by the Pentagon, this increase in troops will equal $30 billion a year. That amount is in addition to the billions already being spent and the federal budget deficit of $1.4 trillion. This is something that cannot be tolerated period. Set aside the war, if we cannot be responsible enough to balance our books, our children are doomed. Funding foreign wars that, hurt the innocent, inspire animosity toward America, and bankrupt our economy is something I will never support and something that I will fight hard to prevent.

My proposal…

We should fund our Troops for a safe and orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan. Immediate withdrawal is imperative. We must bring the troops home safely and give the Afghans back their land, while restoring our image in the world.

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David Ryon
2010 Constitution Party Candidate for U.S. Congress
Ohio’s 15th Congressional District
5035 Magnolia Blossom Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43230-4068

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