Dave Yost Announces Candidacy for Auditor of State

Delaware County Prosecutor responds to GOP call to fill void on statewide ticket

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During the past few days, I have grappled with a very difficult decision… a choice between the work of two offices that are each critically important to the future of Ohio. Today, I am here to announce my decision: I will run for the Republican nomination for Auditor of State.

Allow me, for a moment, to think through this decision with you.

One day, a few years ago, I sat across the table from two detectives. Between us were seven three-inch binders stuffed full of payroll and financial records and other documents implicating a Republican officeholder in crime.

It was a difficult case, based on circumstantial evidence and numbers… as white-collar crimes always are. I’d been called in as a special prosecutor. Over the next several months, we followed the evidence, and ultimately convicted that politician of a felony.

Five times it has been my duty to prosecute political corruption… a cancer that knows no political affiliation, and hides in the darkness. Having served as both a county auditor and a county prosecutor, I have learned how to find it, and root it out.

My intention had been to continue that mission through the office of the Ohio Attorney General. But about 10 days ago, Auditor of State Mary Taylor announced she would run for lieutenant governor. That left our ticket without a viable candidate for this office – the very heart of an accountable and honest state government.

Business, political and grassroots leaders across this great state have called on me during the last several days to put aside my personal plans and fill the gap in our party’s ticket… to step up and bring my skills and passion for public integrity to do this most important work.

After much prayer, reflection and taking of counsel, my path seems clear, if not easy. I will run for Auditor of State – not because it is best for me, but because it is best for the State of Ohio.

Mary Taylor has created a legacy of excellence during her term as Auditor of State… a firm foundation to build upon. She has had the courage to call out the Governor and his Administration for his mushy financial record-keeping. So will I.

As a prosecutor and a former county auditor, I have done my duty without regard to friendship or partisan affiliation. I will continue do so as Auditor of State.

To the people of this State, I pledge to you that every tax dollar sent to Columbus will be spent for a public purpose, and according to law — and I shall take decisive action whenever it is not.

Together, we can make Ohio government an open book – a book that is easily read, and true.

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