Former Republican Party Candidate To Run As Constitution Party Candidate

Middle class American, Dave Ryon, denounces GOP chairman Michael Steele and prepares for earnest run as a Constitution Party candidate. Ryon was gearing up for a 2010 congressional run in the 15th district before reading remarks made by GOP Chairman, Michael Steele. When asked if there is room in the party for a pro-choice candidate (referring to Steve Stivers), Steele answered, “There absolutely is, there absolutely is.” Consequently, Ryon decided he can no longer represent a party that is willing to change their values for a vote.

Ryon will now be running in the May 4th primary as a Constitution Party candidate. As of now, there is no word as to whether he will be running opposed or not. Ryon said the Pro Life issue was the final straw on his decision to leave the party, stating that there are many areas where he feels the Republican Party has let the people down, and he will no longer work from within the two party system. He now represents a growing many of Americans who are dissatisfied with federal government and the lack of constancy and accountability within the current two-party system.

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