Congress Mandates Jail Beds for 34,000 Immigrants as Private Prisons Profit

iC2ciVE131McIs it really “privatization” when the entire stream of income comes from the government?  Or is it just another crony boondoggle at the taxpayer expense?  Either way, having a mandatory MINIMUM quote of the number of illegals in prison on any given day is crazy.  This kind of legislation is clearly written by lobbyists of the Prison Industrial Complex to make sure that funds keep flowing, and the America remains the number one incarcerator in the world!

From the article:

Under law, taxpayers must pay to keep 34,000 people like Romero in jail, at a cost of about $120 each per day, even as the number of immigrants caught sneaking across the border has fallen by more than half since the past recession began.

Since 2009, when then-Senator Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat, inserted a change into the Homeland SecurityDepartment’s annual spending bill, federal immigration officials have been placed in the unusual position of operating under a statutory quota on how many people to hold behind bars. Congressional Republicans have been defending it ever since.

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